Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meet Manny

manny in bloom

Manny likes to listen to Wayne Newton. He likes playing yahtzee, hammock napping and the eating of banana bread. He is also a tea snob and only loose leaf will do. Manny is in need of a new home. Read more about Manny here and check out more pictures here.

I aced my film class midterm but strangely enough I think I bombed my kid's lit midterm! Shocking I know but it was one of those exams that tested your memory of the text and not in an easy way. I just need to get over myself and realize once again that I simply don't test well but it doesn't belittle my special kind of smarts. right? We head out to Joshua Tree tomorrow for four days! Whoo-hoo!

1 comment:

  1. I bet he has every Engleburt Humperdink album ever recorded on vinyl, too. He's adorable. I took a peek at Blanket Magazine today while I was supposed to be making tomorrow's newspaper. I just couldn't wait! It looks great. Congratulations.