Thursday, April 19, 2007

I think I'll move to Australia

Yeah. I'm having one of THOSE days. Blech. I woke up late, hurt a friend's feelings and then got sprayed with water all before noon. Then, my car wouldn't start and I went to the dentist to get my filling and was told I needed two more AND a root canal, complete with crown, lucky me. I cried. Seriously. I put my head on the reception counter and bawled. My mascara ran and everything. I also got a concerned "lecture" about how I really should get my teeth fixed. Gee? You think? Bah. I still haven't had anything to eat. My jaw hurts something fierce and I'm still a bit tingly and numb-like. The good part of the day was going to Michael's where they had their $3.99 ribbon on sale for $1.87. I stocked up on polka-dots. Then, at the check out they had a new batch of their giftcard tins which I am in love with. If Mr.A-go-go weren't around I think I would marry them. I also found out about a part time job I would be PERFECT for. Keep your fingers crossed.

unforgettable cakes: cupcakes

Lookie, pretty cupcakes. This picture was taken on Monday at the cafe I snacked on sweets with the Witch-Lady. If you are in the area you should most definitely try them. So so so good! In other news I have crossed three things off my to do list for the week. Three. The list has twelve. Sigh. Any Aussie's out there want company?


  1. Dewd - I would totally come to that *wedding*! Guess what I would give you as a gift? A gift card in a tin so you could fall in love all over again!

  2. Come to Australia Jek, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Poor you, dentist sux. I gotta have a tooth out and about 5 fillings yet. I had a root canal last year too. BAH!
    If you decide to run off with the tins, I'll gladly adopt Mr A-Go-Go, he's v.cute. Make sure you bring him to Australia with you :P

  4. Why do dentists have to be like that? Every time I go they warn me that my teeth are liable to fall out by the next time I come there, so then I get scared, and I don't go for over a year! Or more! I want to tell them that I would totally come more if every little thing they did in my mouth didn't cost eight hundred dollars, even with insurance. Geeeeez.

    I love those tins! I got one with a Michael's gift card, that I promptly lost, but the tin's cool!

  5. celia8:09 PM

    hello! this is celia (sr_alecthompson on lj). i'm sorry you're feeling down. i hope your day got better. i too had somewhat wonky teeth. a couple of baby teeth that didn't fall out; tons of cavities from never having gone to the dentist as a child. a few years ago i had major dental work--about a million teeth pulled out at once! woah! then i wore braces for almost three years. i've come to have no fear of the dentist at all. root canals? piece of cake! whatever you decide, you'll be okay. xo :)

  6. hey jennifer, did the tin have flowers on it? :)

    what drives me batty about the dentist stuff is that i brush and floss and brush and floss and rinse and floss...grrr! at my check up last year, everything was great, no cavities, nothing! how on earth did i get a cavity bad enough to warrant a root canal? either they didn;t catch it or it isn;t as bad as it seems and they want all my money...grr! i have no problem wiht all the drilling and stuff, i have a very small mouth/jaw that locks and it hurts to keep it open for more than 20 minutes. PAINFULLY HURTS! once it got stuck and that was soooo bad!

    thank you for all the support folks, i think i will opt to be sedated to i won't feel my jaw...sigh...

  7. little min11:06 PM

    Yeah, come to Australia Jek, go on. We have magic dentists that know how to make it not hurt. Also, can you bring all your shoes so i can borrow them? I likey. xx

  8. yep there is always our couch when you make the trip down under :)