Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I had grand plans...

but the bee said chill...

see n' say: happy

I woke up ready to cross items off the list I wrote out yesterday while in one of my classes. I logged on to check my email, uploadsome flickr pics and maybe read a few blogs but then I got sucked in and then my sister called and then...and then...and then...you know how it is. I have internet ADD. I can't keep a focus and can literally coast about online all day long really. Today I researched vacation yurts, jobs in Portland, music by They Might be Giants, recipes for curried sweet potato and then bento boxes and of course what to put into bento boxes. Sheesh. Did someone wack me with a silly stick?

Yesterday it felt like one of those days when, when/where the Norse Gods decide to play with me. Everything seemed to go wrong but the everything was really nothing like really really wanting a cinnamon iced coffee but balking because the Starbucks at Target was fifty cents more than the Starbucks by school and then I felt really bad for craving a Starbucks drink while at the same time feeling guilty I was at Target but we needed ink for the printer and all I bought was ink...and a pack of gum. So then I get to school and thanked the parking guards for finding a pot on my first try. I then thanked the parking machine gods for accepting my mangy money and hoisted my backpack onto my back and decided to try the student store for a bottle frap but they raised the price there also. Hello? Why yes, yes I am a cheapskate. Sheesh! I get to class thirty minutes ealry and the class before mine was canceled so the room is empty. I take a seat and get some reading done and the clock keeps tick tick ticking along and no one else in entering the rom. I go outside to make sure my class wasn't canceled and it seems like it isn't so I go back in and read some more. Class is about to begin and like two minutes and no one else is there! Now I feel like everyone knows something except me which isn't a new phenomenon but it still makes me antsy. I decide to go to the main office to see if the room was changed and I run into another clasmate. Okay, I feel a little better. People start trickling in and eventually the professor arrives and we get down to business. Phew! Have I also mentioned that I'm insecure? After that I made it to my car for my healthy pretty lunch. On my way to my next class I manage to successfully purchase a cinnamon latte and enter the Forum for my film class. Great. I'm in another room completely alone when usually there are half a dozen or so kids hanging out and talking on their cell phones. Never to each other. Eventually things even out, class starts, the young couple behind me spend the entire lecture whispering to each other whilst eating potato chips or doritos or something, we watch MASH and suddenly it is time for my last class. Things went back to normal. I still haven't gotten into the swing of this semester and midterms are next week. Sigh.

Today I need to go find someone I dont know to interview. I wish I could do this online but I can't. I have no confidence for this. I know I will write something fabulous and fun but I don't exaclty have a good track record for approaching strangers. I try and they tend to look at me like I'm nuts. Grr. Wish me luck.


  1. Hey Lady! Why don't you thrift a vintage thermos and have your own perfect- and cheap- coffee all day long. And you won't be adding more cups to the landfill. I bring coffee to work every day cause I'm cheap, too.
    For your interview, can you interview someone that you don't technically know but have a online relationship with? I'm sure there are a few of us out here in the blogosphere willing to get grilled Jek-style. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Okay - I think in another life we must have been twins! You just described how when I get on the damn internet, I lose all track of space and time. I have the attention span of a gnat, too. Love your blog, girlio!

  3. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the kick in the pants...;) I usually do bring coffee or tea but like I said, the Norse gods were playing with me. Superficially "speaking" I can't duplicate the sweetness of their iced lattes...I can make an iced coffee with cinnaomin in it but my material brain knows the difference. Oh and we have to interview the person in peraon since we are to write a creative non-fiction style profile and he wants all those details we see though I'm pretty sure I could pull an online interview off pretty creatively. :) love ya!

    Melissa-If we look long enough we'd probably find we're octoplets or something. I like the gnat reference and thank you for stopping by!