Wednesday, April 18, 2007

busy busy slow slow

vintage kitchen swap: good ol' marble magnets

I made these marble magnets for my partner in Jenny Holiday's Vintage Kitchen Swap. I used an old fabric catalogue from Hancock's of Paducah and packaged them in an honest to goodness vintage sucrets tin. Now I feel all clever like.

I'm running around like the house in on fire and I can't quite seem to pick one project. Currently I am thinking of my next scrumdilly-do! post, fielding phonecalls from midwifery mama who is having a bad day, packaging up etsy orders, pulling fabric out for some new craftiness and making cilantro pesto...zoinks! I have the theme song from Wonderfalls stuck in my head and wonder how well cheddar would mix with cilantro if I made some muffins...hmmm. I need need, need, need to work on my paper but my brain wants me to cook and read. You should see the stack of magazines I have next to the sofa...not to mention the stack of library books on the library shelf here. I also desperately want to play hooky from all current trappings so that I can brainstorm about what to make for this swap. Any ideas? and I am NOT listening to you, you evil pocket yahtzee so just stop calling my name.

Tomorrow I hit the post office, visit with granny and get a filling. I'm not looking forward to the filling. Sigh.


  1. cheddar-cilantro muffins sound GREAT.

  2. Mrs. A-Go-Go, just your entries make me exhausted! You do so much, and you do it so well!

    I think your kitchen magnets were incredibly clever. Go you!

  3. Were you thinking of a robot party thingy for dilly-do?

    Is that what you needed pics for?

    Let me know -- I also have a wacky list of materials we used...


  4. thanks for the magnrt props...they never get old.

    i didn't end up making any muffins, we were out of flour but i will soon and let ya know!

    thank you emily! i think i end up doing a lot of planning of what to do. the doing doesn;t happen like i want it to.

    stacey, yes! i woudl love to post the pics, i cropped em up a bit so no kidlets faces were fully visible except ander's and a supplie list would be great! would you like to "guest blog" on the do? I think I can add you...