Monday, April 30, 2007

the week in review: april 23-29

This was a nice week mehtinks. A little bit busy a little bit not. I didn't get a chance to take many pictures during the week and well, honestly the ones I did take weren't so nifty. So I'll tell ya about what you don't see up there and you can click here to read more about what you DO see, okee dokee?

Monday: School, school and more school. I watched The Godfather in film class and we pored through children's picture book for style, line, color, etc. in my kid's lit class.

Tuesday: I spent way too much time online reading blogs but I did manage to finish my profile about this amazing woman and if you wanna read it, let me know, I might post it. Maybe. After that I hit The Kitchen with Susan, Cathy and the fabulous gals behind Reform School for dinner. A whole lotta Mac & cheese. After dinner we hat cake and coffee at The Alcove where I got to talk to another fabulous artist, aka Stacy. The girls then hit Bigfoot Lodge for drinks and Jenny's cupcakes. I went home to edit my paper.

Wednesday: Turned in the famous paper and hit the campus for a writing assignment. We had to pick a spot to profile. I was sitting there writing away in a nice and quiet spot with a whole lotta room when this chickie decides to sit down not five feet from me, next to me even and eat her nachos whilst hollering into her cell phone about how she is eating nachos for lunch. Lovely.

Thursday: I got to witness an amazing storytime and art session at the ever fabulous Tinker where I hope to be punching the clock soon. Whoo-hoo! After that I hit good old Trader Joe's came home and crafted a bit. scrumdilly-do was being neglected.

Friday: The mister played hooky from work and we took his mom to The Getty Villa where I made him pose for all sorts of photos. Check out my flickr page for more getty fun. Friday night was Susan's last Friday before she moved to Portland so we had an impromptu Naked Lady Party. I made mojitos and shortbread and Susan played show and tell as we unloaded her of oodles of stuff.

See? Busy but not so uregently busy. Saturday we went on a bike ride and then hung out with Granny. Mr. A-go-go spent a lot of time in the garden where he discovered this horrible thing and I craft craft crafted away. We watched a lot of The Electric Company and managed to eat an entire bag of peanut butter filled pretzels from Joe's. They is some yummy pretzels! Yesterday the witch-lady and I went to see The Grindhouse at The Vista and I crafted a bit more. Like you all really needed to know that. Heehee. Happy Monday folks! Tomorrow is May Day, give some flowers to a friend, family member, neighbor or stranger.

Friday, April 27, 2007

photobooth friday: i like a gershwin tune revisited

photobooth friday: spacing out

I think I posted a similar picture from the same day but since I'm feeling forgetful today, this is what you get. Click on the picture to get the story otherwise sit and gazer at the mister's creepy spacey eyes.

We just got back from the Getty Villa. They have quite a collection of ancient classical art. I was mesmerized by the giant stone Sirens. I had no idea they were sometimes depicted as bird women.

Gotta go. time to bake shortbread and make mojitos for the Naked Lady Party we're attempting for Susan's last Friday. Adios!

More boothers to your right and here!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Making the bed

There's nothing like a brand spanking new quilt to get you to make the bed. It presents for a better picture, makes the room look a little less messy and is just oh so inviting. This picture makes me want to roll all over the quilt which I do, often. It's done! Ain't it purdy? Mr.A-go-go is just the most dandy man I know. So much talent and creativity sits there under the surface. He is generally pretty quiet and when I first met him I thought he was too straight laced for me but boy howdy, was I wrong! I wish I could put into words the conversations we have. They are pretty much nonsensical and I laugh all too often. Words cannot describe. So, back to the quilt. The fabric is a hodgepodge of what I had on hand, what people sent me and a couple of pieces from vintage clothes I once wore. To round it out I picked up a couple of half yards of Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy from last spring. The batting came from a GIANT roll we scored from Mr.A-go-go's work and while it is not cotton it is recycled and it was free so there. The quilt is machine quilted in a geometric box style whatever that means and we backed the whole shabang with a brown sheet. Mr.A-go-go made ties for the whole thing using alternating polkadot fabric. It is a quilt topped duvet cover and I'm in lurve with it! Next up I will attempt some sort of patchwork shenanagin. I'm reading The Quilts of Gee's Bend which I have looked at in the past but now the stories make me all swooney for their history. Gotta skeedaddle, I'm off to Tinker soon. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

why I'm addicted....

to swapping.

I have created another evil monster. A pretty fantastic and creative monster but evil none the less. This pretty assortment is from the first five things swap from the flickr group I started. I love to swap but seem to get a bit burned when I try swap-bot (unless of course it is for coloriffic swap-o-rama). I rarely get something made with effort and then rarely get any notice of receipt from the people I send to and I'm sorry, I am a child of divorce and I need a pat on the back for all my hard work. Okee doke? The idea behind the five things swap was a carry over from my days. (I know I owe people projects from there but I can't seem to straighten out what and to whom. If you stumble across this and I [lobster-girl] owe you something, shout it out and I will create! I will!) I love making thngs and I love receiving handmade things so why not create a group swap, small scale and themed so that like minded crafty people will want to play. The pink swap turned up some super nifty pretties! I made kooky kitschy collages with lots of polkdots. I received a knitted pouch, patchworked tissue cozie, felt flower pin, marble magnets and an adorable egg carton sewing kit from Ana of Pink Sugar. If you find a need to craft and swap, hop on over to five things and join us! My next projects will be for the birds. A birdie and a chicken swap. What am I going to make? I have no idea...sigh.

Last night was spent with some amazingly crafty and creative ladies for Susan's almost last day before she moves back to Portland. I'm gonna miss you chickie! We ate a lotta mac and cheese, consumed a fair amount of wine and dove into an amazing chocolate raspberry cake at The Alcove. After that I headed home and the ladies continued on to The Bigfoot Lodge where I am hoping mass amounts of Jenny's famous S'mores cupcakes were consumed. Hope y'all had a good time, I'll see ya Friday.

Well folks, it is back to my paper, THE paper which isn't exactly what the assignment called for but I'm pretty happy with it. Wish me luck and have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

plans schmans

tres burros
Today started out well. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and planned to get right on that pesky paper for my English class but hen I stopped over on flcikr and well, you know how that goes. I decided to create a collection and turn one simple set into many many sets and next thing I knew it was two hours later! Zoinks!

Check out these nifty wee burros I picked up from Craftpaca on etsy. Ain't they the sweetest? I adore them and now of course want to do some gocco-ing but for now I must log off and write, write, write. Tomorrow I turn in the pesky paper, hit the bookstore for some research and then snack on yummy sweets with the bluejay who I miss more than I can say. Thursday I am hanging out at Tinker to see if I fit in and Friday I guess will be a day for catch up. I have much I wish to accomplish craftwise. Happy Tuesday peoples!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Week in Review: April 16-22

A busy busy week of dong everything that wasn't on my list! zoinks! I of course am the states best procrastnator and still have oodles of homework to do which means I need to check out of here much earlier than usual. sigh. I just can't get the hang of this student stuff. Today is the ick day of school. I'm there from noon-9:30pm. Double zoinks! So much work to do...."Head, STOP spinning!"

The Dapper boy came to hang out with us for the weekend. We went ot a doger game and spend oodles of coinage on too salt hotdogs. At least I can say I've had a Dodger dog. I now feel like a true Los Angeleno. ctually, more like a sick angeleno. The amount of marketing and advertising at the game made my head spin. Crazy! Saturday was the birthday party for the Bushee Boy who will be three this week. It was a blast and lasted forever! I even helped a friend design and whip up a moo business card! And....I got some cashola thrown my way. Dork! Yesterday we went to hang out with granny. Her roommate went home and she was very attached to her. Granny isn't doing too well these days. Her spirits are sagging and her age is catching up with her. It is heartbreaking. We try our best to make her smile and I suppose that helps but still. Sad. It was a sad wek all around with the other sad news that happened here in the states.

This week I MUST, MUST, MUST write my paper. It is due on Tuesday and I need to start my film class paper also. Sigh. There is a going away shindig for Susan which will be fun but sad because she's leaving L.a. and I have a maybe job "interview" thingie later this week. I also have to find a new dentist, clean, craft and do all that school stuff I've been meaning to do. Hope y'all have a great and color-filled week!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Photobooth Friday: on the fringe

photobooth friday: fringe

I am on the fringe. At least I always tend to feel that I am. When I was a teenager I more or less wallowed in my fringie-ness by listening to Oingo Boingo's On the Outside over and over again while getting all teary eyed as I read my Sweet Valley High books. I was never really good at feeling accepted, I'm still not. I'm okay with it though...mostly...okay well, only sometimes. I like to be by myself mostly because this way I won't alienate anyone or say something stupid because my insecurities make me babble like there will never be a tomorrow. Nonstop. I babble, squeak, blah blah and oftentimes I am sure I sound like a grown up in a Peanut's cartoon. So, here I am in a photobooth bedecked in a fringed skirt sans leggins or footless tights. It must have been during a thin period when my legs didn't feel a need to stick together whenever I sported a skirt. I don't have this skirt anymore. I managed to rock it at least once as evidenced in this frame. I don't remember the day this was taken, or whether or not I had company but I do rememember I wore a black v-neck t-shirt and some ever so fanciful plumb colored stacked mary-janes. If I could have twisted that booth seat up high enough I would have shoved my foot in the frame also.

I haven't taken a new booth shot in awhile and I miss it. Hmm...must get to one soon. Wanna guess what we're doing tonight? We're going to a Dodger Game. My first. Seriously. I'm a native and have never been to a game. I have however met Tommy Lasorda, shook his hand and everything. Dinner tonight will be a Dodger dog methinks. Happy Friday folks. Check out more boother in the Photobooth Friday flickr group and on the sidebar over there on your right!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I think I'll move to Australia

Yeah. I'm having one of THOSE days. Blech. I woke up late, hurt a friend's feelings and then got sprayed with water all before noon. Then, my car wouldn't start and I went to the dentist to get my filling and was told I needed two more AND a root canal, complete with crown, lucky me. I cried. Seriously. I put my head on the reception counter and bawled. My mascara ran and everything. I also got a concerned "lecture" about how I really should get my teeth fixed. Gee? You think? Bah. I still haven't had anything to eat. My jaw hurts something fierce and I'm still a bit tingly and numb-like. The good part of the day was going to Michael's where they had their $3.99 ribbon on sale for $1.87. I stocked up on polka-dots. Then, at the check out they had a new batch of their giftcard tins which I am in love with. If Mr.A-go-go weren't around I think I would marry them. I also found out about a part time job I would be PERFECT for. Keep your fingers crossed.

unforgettable cakes: cupcakes

Lookie, pretty cupcakes. This picture was taken on Monday at the cafe I snacked on sweets with the Witch-Lady. If you are in the area you should most definitely try them. So so so good! In other news I have crossed three things off my to do list for the week. Three. The list has twelve. Sigh. Any Aussie's out there want company?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

busy busy slow slow

vintage kitchen swap: good ol' marble magnets

I made these marble magnets for my partner in Jenny Holiday's Vintage Kitchen Swap. I used an old fabric catalogue from Hancock's of Paducah and packaged them in an honest to goodness vintage sucrets tin. Now I feel all clever like.

I'm running around like the house in on fire and I can't quite seem to pick one project. Currently I am thinking of my next scrumdilly-do! post, fielding phonecalls from midwifery mama who is having a bad day, packaging up etsy orders, pulling fabric out for some new craftiness and making cilantro pesto...zoinks! I have the theme song from Wonderfalls stuck in my head and wonder how well cheddar would mix with cilantro if I made some muffins...hmmm. I need need, need, need to work on my paper but my brain wants me to cook and read. You should see the stack of magazines I have next to the sofa...not to mention the stack of library books on the library shelf here. I also desperately want to play hooky from all current trappings so that I can brainstorm about what to make for this swap. Any ideas? and I am NOT listening to you, you evil pocket yahtzee so just stop calling my name.

Tomorrow I hit the post office, visit with granny and get a filling. I'm not looking forward to the filling. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slow like molasses

vintage kitchen swap: lanterns

I woke up before 7am and promptly made a pot of coffee. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but for some reason a hot pot on a dreary day makes everything seem a little brighter. Tea I love but tea makes me want to bake and have friends come over to craft, talk and watch old movies. I have a long long list of things to do for this week and yest all I feel like doing is stand at the kitchen window and spy on all the birds haging out in the garden. Mr. A-go-go rigged up bird bath and so far we haven't had any takers. I can't wait until they find it. I am such a bird watcing dork. Speaking of birds we saw some pretty nifty birds in Joshua tree. We saw red tailed hawks, giant ravens, a couple of cactus wrens(they hopped right up to us, the little sneakers) and some scott's orioles in all their yellow funkiness. Yesterday we saw an interesting wren like birdie with yellow on it's underside and we also have a visiting hummingbird that has a lot of rust on it's back. See? Bird dorks.

I recently took part in Jenny Holiday's Vintage Kitchen Swap. I had a much harder time than I imagined finding vintage and/or retro goodies for my partner, Jennifer. Sigh. You just can find fun vintage in Los Angeles anymore. I did score some adorable salt & pepper shakers out in Ventura and manged to wrestle up some more goodies. I'm lucky that my mamos was a collector and that granyn never threw anything away so I was able to round it all out. Up above is a picture of some lanterns I sent along. The pretty paper flower lantern on the right was granny's. I had two of them and thought to send one along as it is so so so pretty, methinks. I also made up some retro marble magnets and a batch of chocolate lavender shortbread. You can see more of the items I sent here if ya like and I'll post all the awesomeness I received soon.

Today I will clean a little, update the shop a little, laze a bout a bit and craft away. I will also work on my paper and some scholarship essays. I will. I promise!

Oh, if you are in Los Angels or the San Fernando Valley and in need of a cupcake or two, check out Unforgettable Cakes! They are super duper yummy and the staff is oh so friendly. They serve sandwiches also. My gal the witch-lady and I spent a good two hours there partaking of sweets and coffee. You can read what I yelped about here. Happy Day!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Week in Review: April 9-15

Phew! Other than the "crappy camping trip" I got a lot of swapping fun done. Packages were sent and received and giggled over and photographed! They made the week so much better! I had midterms and papers due and a lot of fuzzy brain moments but all in all, wind included, the week wasn't so horrible. Yesterday we were lucky enough to visit with our almost camping buddies for a fabulous brazilian breakfast and a whole lotta chit chat. Game night coming soon, I can't wait! This week is spring break so hopefully I will get to cram in alot of visiting, crafting, cleaning, baking and paper writing. I need to work on my next draft. Yikes! Happy Monday folks! I hear the weather is nutty everywhere so stay safe and dry if you can.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

We're back...

Yup, two days early. Sigh. We got there and it was windy, and cold. rained and got windier and colder. We thought we would stick it out. The rain stopped which was a good sign. It was dry enough so we pitched the tent and then the wind got all gusty gusty gusty so we sat in the car and ate cold turkey sandwiches for dinner. They were good but they were cold and in it was cold. Mr. A-go-go made up a ukulele song. He called it "The Crappy Camping Trip". I sang along and played my pocket Yahtzee. We couldn't decide if things were going to get worse or better. The forecast was totally off. The winds were about 40mph with gusts up to 60. The forecast said 10-12...they were wrong. We got into the tent around 8pm and thought maybe we would play a round or two of Uno. The wind knocked the lamp over spilling kerosene so we didn't have any light. It was cold so we crawled into bed and decided to sleep. Our thoughts were that if it got too cold we would move to the car and it mostly, probably, HAD to get better...right?

We fell asleep, warm and snug and then a gust blew through that was so fierce it felt like the tent poles were going to snap. Once it passed, a few more joined the party and we waited it out for a moment or two and then fell back to sleep. Soon enough, another gust knocked on our door. This one was accompanied by many handfuls of sand being tossed on top of the tent. We seriously thought at one point that the folks in the spot next door must have stood around us tossing sand just to mess with us. It wasn't them. It was freaky. Everytime a huge gust blew through I would "eeeep" and toss the blanket over my head because of course everything is safer with a blanket over one's head. For hours and hours we attempted to sleep whilst the wind played tag and it was always IT. We were lifted a few times and jostled many more and of course around 3am I really needed to pee, but that meant I would have to get dressed as in many layers and shoes and my coat and it was way too cold for that so I pleaded with my bladder to hold on until daylight and sure enough, at the crack of dawn we dressed in all our warmest clothes and ventured out for relief. It was 6am. It was still windy. It hadn't gotten better.

After a breakfast if icy milk and granola we decided to venture out for awhile. We would come back around lunch time to see how the wind was and to see if the rest of our party had arrived. We did some desert sightseeing and it seemed as if the wind was going away. Back at the camp no one else had arrived so Mr.A-go-go attempted to fix us some scrambled eggs and bacon. The wind would have none of that. From the stove being blown out to the sand that seasonned our food we felt completely and utterly defeated. We couldn't even sit around a nice warm fire without having it blow in our faces every which way. We each had a wee mugful of Chai and burrowed ourselves into our tiny red camp chairs. We were alone at the enitre site. Everyone around has had fled. Eventually we heard a "Hello" and turned to greet the park ranger checking us for our permit. He asked us if we had spent the night and then he point blank asked us "Why?" He actually laughed at us. It was crazy and he was right. Why were we still there? Well, we were there because we planned it and people were going to meet us and since no one knew exaclty when we thought we should stay and be good hosts. After the ranger left we decided to screw it and packed up our sad dusty, gritty vehicle in less than 15 minutes. We chucked the wood and left the tap water and a big note for anyone who eventually showed up. We were on our way home.

But...being the good folks we are, we spent a zillion dollars on a filthy payphone trying to call a friend to tell them NOT to come up, and no, we don't have a cell phone thank you very much. Eventually we connected and by that time Mr. A-go-go was in the worst mood possible and I was just feeling so so sad for him. I actually kind of enjoyed the nuttiness of the gusty wind. Sure I was exhausted but it was crazy and we still did it. Our moods mellowed on the drive home thanks to the thawed pink lemonade and cheese nips. Blue skies greeted us as we drove up our street and we even managed a parking spot right in front, things were good. It was sunny, there was no wind and we were home. All was swell until my bestest gal whimpered out of her doorway "I'm so sorry Roomie but..." huh? Sorry? Yeah we are too but we're home now. No worries, we're home and the she tells me why she is sorry, or rather she shows me....our garden got flooded. BIG TIME. It was a swamp. It was a mess. The plants were not happy but hey, we were home.

Home is a good place to be.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

S'mores time and an early PF!

jeff &rocks

Mr. A-go-go and I are hitting the road this morning for a camping trip in Joshua Tree! We booked the campsite many months ago and had grand plans for a large group of firends and family but now it seems the group has dwindled down a bit. We're still gonna hang out with nifty and faboo peoples and everything but we'll be on our own for the first two days. The witch-baby knows something is up and she's right now sitting at Mr. A-go-go's feet meow meow meowing away. "Bring me! Bring me!" or maybe it's "Don't leave! Don't Leave, Who will feed me?" Anywhoo, we're packing up and heading out so I wish y'all a bestest weekend ever and here's an early peak at this week's photobooth friday:

photobooth friday: vogue

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meet Manny

manny in bloom

Manny likes to listen to Wayne Newton. He likes playing yahtzee, hammock napping and the eating of banana bread. He is also a tea snob and only loose leaf will do. Manny is in need of a new home. Read more about Manny here and check out more pictures here.

I aced my film class midterm but strangely enough I think I bombed my kid's lit midterm! Shocking I know but it was one of those exams that tested your memory of the text and not in an easy way. I just need to get over myself and realize once again that I simply don't test well but it doesn't belittle my special kind of smarts. right? We head out to Joshua Tree tomorrow for four days! Whoo-hoo!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm Famous aka The Vanity Post

I have a slight obsession with taking pictures of my feet. Having this obsession ensures that even when all I can manage wearing are my trusty jeans and a favorite t-shirt, at least my feet will look nifty otherwise what could I take a picture of? Really, if you look down once in awhile you may be shocked at the state of your own footsiness. Anywhoo...there's this nifty new spiffy online magazine floating about called blanket magazine. You can download each issue lickity split and view using acrobat or something similar. A month or so ago I was approached to chat about my collections and out of all my weirdness, the feet pictures won and now you too can read all about me and my obsession. I'm featured in the most recent issue, ISSUE 3 and I'm a part of the first release on pages 19-22. Check out all the pages though cuz there are some super niftified peoples partying inside! Just in case you need another hint, the magazine is called blanket magazine and it is online. Check it out now and then wander over sock dreams and pick up a pair of super stripey goodness or you could just bake some cupcakes. chockylit's cupcake bakeshop has a new recipe up, red hots!

I gotta skeedaddle! There is much to do. Oddles and bunches! I need to write a 3-5 page profile, box up and sent overdue items, laundry, housecleaning, camping trip prepping and of ocurse some baking on the side! Happy April everyone!

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Week in Review: April 2-8

Phew! Last week was so busy! There was school and the dentist and cleaning and visiting and at the end there was traveling, bike riding and yahtzee playing! I baked shortbread without sugar and made curried sweet potato samosas and spent a loverly loverly day with a mama and her super swell boy. We spent the weekend up in San Luis Obispo with family for the one wee kidlet's Easter extravaganza and a birthday feast for a big guy. We spent one loverly day biking our way to Avila Beach where we partook of super eggy breakfasts, watched loons and skoters in the water and leisurely paced the long long pier. After our bike ride to the beach we hit the small town of SLO and I made it through a fabric and craft store without purchasing ANY fabric! Whoo-hoo! I did pick up 2 small things for some nifty peoples but that was all, I swear it! Through it all I squeaked in a tiny amount of studying for two midterms for TODAY! YIKES! So, hope y'all have a pleasantly pleasant Monday and I'll cath up after the exams! Wish me luck!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Photobooth Friday: I see you

photobooth friday: i see you

Oh how I adore polka-dots. Especially red on white polka-dots. I have been looking for a red & white polka dot dress FOREVER and have yet been able to find one that works on my person. Someday. This strip is from my birthday bash last year. I can't wait to do another birthday bash, perhaps next year I will do one at the black and white booth but it isn't as cheap as the old one that is now gone but it is at a bar which may help me get strips of people I don't know...hmmm...I'm not a big fan of sloppy drunken strips when in any moment someone may moon, flash or flip off the camera. Call me a fuddy duddy but I'm not a fan. Happy Friday folks! Don;t forget to check out the other boothers at the Photobooth Friday Flickr group.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

When life gives you lemons...

Take pictures! So, Even though I couldn't get the cupcakes out of their liners, I did ice three of them simply to take some pretty pictures. Welcome to my bubble. Today I have to watch Bonnie & Clyde for my film class (thank you library!) and then I need to study study study for my midterms on Monday! I'm also gonna have a play date and can't wait!'s some eye candy to tide you for the day!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My not so nifty adventures in baking....

with silicone cupcake liners. Hm.

I got a dozen pink silicone cupcake liners on sale after Valentine's Day and couldn't wait to try them. Last week, Mr. A-go-go was having an exceptionally cranky few days so I decided to bake him some gingerbread, his favorite. Skipping over the same old loaf pan I went for these liners imagining all sorts of prettiness and the fabulousness that would be this batch of gingerbread cupcakes. Sadly that did not happen. They took forever to bake and they spilled over big time. Luckily I used a cookie sheet under the whole shabang but sheesh what a mess! I attempted to remove one while hot so I could sample its deliciousness but all it did was fall apart. At least they were moist! After allowing them to cool forever and ever I tried to remove one again and it was a no go. Drats! Screw this I thought. I whipped up a batch of citrus butter frosting that was oh so yummy and I iced a couple just for a photo shoot because really that is what it's all about, getting a good picture. The pictures cam out more fabulous than the cupcakes but I will be saving that fabulousness until tomorrrow. Words of the wise, don't fall for silicone! Unless of course you want to use them as paint cups for your kidlets or maybe at a little prettiness to your Bento boxes (thanks to featherbed for that suggestion!)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I had grand plans...

but the bee said chill...

see n' say: happy

I woke up ready to cross items off the list I wrote out yesterday while in one of my classes. I logged on to check my email, uploadsome flickr pics and maybe read a few blogs but then I got sucked in and then my sister called and then...and then...and know how it is. I have internet ADD. I can't keep a focus and can literally coast about online all day long really. Today I researched vacation yurts, jobs in Portland, music by They Might be Giants, recipes for curried sweet potato and then bento boxes and of course what to put into bento boxes. Sheesh. Did someone wack me with a silly stick?

Yesterday it felt like one of those days when, when/where the Norse Gods decide to play with me. Everything seemed to go wrong but the everything was really nothing like really really wanting a cinnamon iced coffee but balking because the Starbucks at Target was fifty cents more than the Starbucks by school and then I felt really bad for craving a Starbucks drink while at the same time feeling guilty I was at Target but we needed ink for the printer and all I bought was ink...and a pack of gum. So then I get to school and thanked the parking guards for finding a pot on my first try. I then thanked the parking machine gods for accepting my mangy money and hoisted my backpack onto my back and decided to try the student store for a bottle frap but they raised the price there also. Hello? Why yes, yes I am a cheapskate. Sheesh! I get to class thirty minutes ealry and the class before mine was canceled so the room is empty. I take a seat and get some reading done and the clock keeps tick tick ticking along and no one else in entering the rom. I go outside to make sure my class wasn't canceled and it seems like it isn't so I go back in and read some more. Class is about to begin and like two minutes and no one else is there! Now I feel like everyone knows something except me which isn't a new phenomenon but it still makes me antsy. I decide to go to the main office to see if the room was changed and I run into another clasmate. Okay, I feel a little better. People start trickling in and eventually the professor arrives and we get down to business. Phew! Have I also mentioned that I'm insecure? After that I made it to my car for my healthy pretty lunch. On my way to my next class I manage to successfully purchase a cinnamon latte and enter the Forum for my film class. Great. I'm in another room completely alone when usually there are half a dozen or so kids hanging out and talking on their cell phones. Never to each other. Eventually things even out, class starts, the young couple behind me spend the entire lecture whispering to each other whilst eating potato chips or doritos or something, we watch MASH and suddenly it is time for my last class. Things went back to normal. I still haven't gotten into the swing of this semester and midterms are next week. Sigh.

Today I need to go find someone I dont know to interview. I wish I could do this online but I can't. I have no confidence for this. I know I will write something fabulous and fun but I don't exaclty have a good track record for approaching strangers. I try and they tend to look at me like I'm nuts. Grr. Wish me luck.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Week in Review: March 26-April 1

Happy Monday folks! Last week started off a little shakey what with me missing my Mamos, a headache that was vying for migraine status and too many things to tak care of! Phew! Luckily it all evened out somewhat and I'm ready for a new week with just as much stuff to take care of but I feel much better about it knowing I'm not the only one. Thank you for all the warm fuzzies.

Last week I crafted, I cleaned, I baked and I whined. I had lunch with a friend, school & a walkabout downtown. We attended two "events" that were a bit of a dud. One being over hyped and the other being scheduled for a place that really would not have been a good idea. While I dislike The Grove in so many ways, I appreciate their managment and security staff. There were oodles and oodles of wee kidlets there, probably not a good place for a mob pillow fight. Yup, a pillow fight. Turns out they heard about the crackdown and relocated to downtown but Mr. A-go-go & I were already at the most material possessed place on the planet. We were there to take pictures not fight. I wear glasses, nice vintage frames. I would prefer they stay in one piece. C'est la vie. We took some random shots and then gorged ourselves on a Calzone in The Farmer's Market. I like The Farmer's Market.

This week is school, crafting, cleaning and all that jazz. I even get to go get my teeth cleaned. Whoo-hoo! We're also trekking up to San Luis Obispo for egging it up with the family and the little prince. Coming up, the camping trip! Yay! I am craving me some s'mores with gingerbread cookies. Yum.

Catch ya later! And a word to the wise. Silicone cupcake liners suck the big time. They need to be greased otherwise your cupcakes won't come out and really, why bother? Pooh! But the picture sure looks pretty.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chocolate bunnies are popping up everywhere!

Who knew? I finally managed to catch an etsy treasury! It takes a lot of patience and digilence and the putting off of many chores. Now that it is done, I will share it all with you because you never know which of these bunnies will make you slap happy! Not all of these bunnies are on etsy but a good number are...have fun! To get more info on the bunnies click here!

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