Monday, March 19, 2007

The Week in Review: March 12-18

Finally! A nice not too busy not too crazy kind of week. Though of course I personally had a mini freak out on Friday but I let it all out and shared with the mister what my crazy lil head was thinking and though I still think I'm a bit of a freak I feel better. Thanks scooty! School was school and while I really appreciate the classes and such I just can't quite throw myself into it this semester. It is still early but sheesh! Today is the crazy day where I have to write an essay in class but then I get to watch me some Kurosawa and after that it is all about kid's books! Whoo-hoo! All the lil coco bunny faux fauxs sold, thanks to Susan at West Coast Crafty for the shout out, but you can still get the BIG ones! Please get a big one...they're in need of new digs and hugs and basket hanging out. Tomorrow will be a packing up day and possibley a mail day if I can get it all packaged at a decent hour. Wednesday is no school and a doctor's visit and then Miss Gelato Girl will be coming over for dinner and guilty pleasure t.v. watching...yes, we sadly enjoy America's Next Top Model and this season is turning out to be quite the watch! The best part is when we recognize everything in the background like the Goodwill fashion show they did was at the Goodwill just around the corner and the house they lived in 2 cycles ago was just up the street. Yes, we are a bit geeky. If you are a fan and enjoy snarky commentary, check out FourFour's blog. HYSTERICAL! He updates on Mondays.

Happy day folks! Happy day!

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  1. Hey, even if you're not feeling school, at least you're still going! Last summer I really wasn't feelin' it, so I took a year off. Uhhh, and now a year is almost over, and I'm still only marginally feeling it! Gah!

    Oh, America's Next Top Model was a guilty pleasure of mine a few seasons ago. It was the season with the girl that was going to (sadly) be legally blind in a few years. That made me sad. I also liked when one of the girls would say she was having a "fat day." Yeah, sure! I'll show you what a real fat day is like, toothpicks! :)