Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sometimes I surprise myself

 I just packaged up my package for the April Swap-o-rama and I had the darnedest time coming up with something for the handmade part. The colors were lavender, cream and black and quite pretty. Delicate even and I thought I should make something suitably sweet. I finally decided on a trio of lavender scented satchets and to tweak them a bit while making them harmonious with all three of the colors I decided to make wee patchworked pillows. They came out so darn pretty, I am tickled! Who knew I could pull off pretty? Click here to see another angle. Oooh and check out the fabulous ensemble Jennifer put together for her person! Awesome!

Today, Mr. A-go-go, Sister A-go-go and I hit the subway and checked out the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Los Angeles. Meh. It was kind of like a glorified farmer's market without the fresh produce. They did have japanese drummers and kettle corn though. Oh and we saw these amazing hand crafted insects made from palm leaves! They were amazing! The Sister A-go-go bought two of them and I did manage to take some pics but they are still on the disk in the camera so I will have to show y'all later. We had a nice lunch at a japanese place and then trekked on over to the Marukai Market where I picked up some green tea soy milk, paprika & allspice in adorable wee glass bottles, my favorite shortbread cookies & a package of chocolate peanut clusters with rice and spiced soy something...the package was just really nifty. It was orange with a Mr. Peanut character and a Mr. Kakinotane character! I love me some nifty packaging!

When we got home we sat on our back stoop and watched the bees in the garden. Everything is blooming right now and oh so pretty! When we got tired of the bees we picked two oranges off the tree and ate them...yum! Sitting in our garden enjoying the sun is so nice. We need a good hammock to nap in. We even spotted the skink we rescued from the neighbor kitty the other day. Love our creepy crawly life. After a nice rest we jumped in Rodney (the car) and went off to visit with granny who was already lounging in bed. she had decided she was hungry and thought if she went to bed earlier she would get dinner earlier. Lucky for her we brought peanut butter and crackers. She requested them last week. Peanut butter, crackers and um...sardines...gotta love the lady!

Happy last day of March! Happy Birthday Big Sister and Happy Birthday to the Sister A-go-go!

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  1. Your package is lovely as always. I love how you broke down the cost for it on Flickr. You are the Swap Queen!