Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pretty Birds


We live in a duplex court and our front door is a hop & a skip from the neighbors' directly across from us. Their wee bungalow is a mirror image of ours and if you look out the window you could see directly into their window. It is an interesting thing to live in such close proximity to people you would not necessarily know otherwise. Neighbors. It is an interesting concept. Our neighbors across from us are on the "hot" side of the court meaning they get all the sun. In the summertime this can be quite unbearable so to solve their sun problem they planted out their Christmas trees from about five and seven years ago. These trees are now over twenty feet tall and quite LARGE! And suddenly I have noticed they have become quite popular with the birds. Morning doves, linnets, starlings, mockingbirds, hummingbirds...all kinds of birds and lately we've been getting a flock of bush-tits everyday! They come swooping in peep peep peeping away as they dash about searching for bugs and wee insects to snack on. Our flock has about twenty in it and they usually hang out for about 10 minutes or so. Yesterday they came by twice and since I have the computer at the window across from the trees their little bodies hopping to and fro always distract me so I watch. I have become a birdwatcher. Just the other day I saw a falcon in the tree! A falcon! The husbandman thought maybe I saw a kestrel so he pulled out the bird book but it didn't have the same markings. Really, it looked like a falcon! How cool! I think the morning doves are nesting in the tree and perhaps maybe even some hummingbirds. And, as I type this up there are two mockingbirds screeching at each other like there's no tomorrow. Sigh. I'm loving the birds.

Yesterday I got a zillion packages mailed...okay maybe it was only six but they're now on their way to new owners. I swept up the floors and I went through grandma's stuff from the retirement home. She saves everything! We found some subscription cards from magazines with notes written out on them. Things like definitions of BIG words and the birth dates of her mother and father. I supplied her with notebooks but still she writes on the cards. She is definitely a child of the depression! Today's a school day and I need to finish writing. I don't feel like school today but I'm not sixteen anymore so I must go. If you get a moment today look for some birds they're everywhere and so fun to watch! Happy Wednesday!

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