Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My quilting man

wip: quilt!

Here it is, THEE work in progress! The quilt that took over the living room. We had to move the sofa to get the floor space our place is that small. In this picture Mr. A-go-go is getting ready to pin all the pieces together. The quilt top, the batting and the back. You may think "Wait a minute, shouldn't the top be facing the other way?" and you would be correct if we were making a simple quilt. We, of course are not. We are making a quilted duvet cover. This way we can use the quilt as a summer blanket and then stuff it with a comforter for when it gets cold! Ingenious I tell ya! Many months ago Mr. A-go-go brought home a giant roll of quilt batting that he rescued from the trash pile at work. We're talking GIANT, as tall as me almost and just about as thick. We were afraid to open the tube and imagined it growing to crazy porportions like the blob or something but we seemed to manage okay. The batting is usable but sadly it is polyester and not cotton. Being the "use what you have" people we are and being that it was free and would maybe end up in a landfill, we used it. There is plenty left over Susan and Cathy if you want some but remember it isn't cotton. It is about 3/4 of an inch thick and 4-5 feet wide. If any other of you local ladies would like some, lemme know so we can schedule a pick up or somethin'! He has already started machine quilting the thing and I can't can't can't wait for it to be done! What I really love is how some of the fabrics came from swaps and two are vintage pieces from dresses I've worn. Now, I want to make a quilt. This time I won't ask the guy for help and just start cutting all by myself.

Today is school and errand running. I need to pick up a few supplies and such. Tomorrow I am hitting the post office and helping the Stchay-shee gal with a robot party for the boy and Friday it is lunch with Cat and Saturday we're going downtown to the Cherry Blossom Festival and then on Sunday I may venture forth with camera in hand to photograph a guerrilla pillow fight. Happy Wednesday folks!


  1. WOW! that is so super beautiful. I am eager to get a peek in person when it's done!! You two are so inspiring :)

  2. Man that's pretty!It'll feel extra warm on a chilly night because he made it for you!

    Hey Jek in the Box- have you ever been to
    I think you'd get a kick out of her fun clothes. I love her skirts, but just feel too old to pull them off.

  3. That's awesome that he's doing that! The duvet is a great idea, I always hate covering up my pretty quilts when winter comes. Don't have to worry about that much, now, it's about 200 degrees here in the south and I expect it to be getting much, much, hotter :)