Sunday, March 04, 2007

A joyful jar

the jar o' joy

I was the first in line for the Jar O' Joy and Wow! Wow! Wow! Did ms.mel pack it full or what? I've just finished filling the jar for the next person and I only hope it pleases her since I know nothing about her! I had fun and it isn't as jam packed as it was when I got it but there's a little bit of kitsch and a wee bit o' pretty so I hope she gets a kick outta it.

Today is a gorgeous gorgeous day and I have all the windows open and did a wee bit o' cleaning, a tiny bit o' baking and a whole lotta picture uploading. Phew! The husbandman & I had a pretty good anniversary outing and I took a zillion pictures. Sadly, the mavica is really losing its oomph and our jumping pictures are not as clear as I would like. I need to get some more goodies into the shop because soon, I won't have a camera anymore. Feel free to donate to this worthy cause...I won't mind, really! :)

Ooh! I forgot to add that I saw a falcon this morning in the pine tree just outside my window! So cool!

Time for some movie watching. We've got the Gidget collection and Eating Raoul.


  1. Cool game! Send it to mee too!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    ooh I would love to be part of the jar o joy! How do I sign up?

  3. I'm willing to start a Jar o' Joy 2, if anyone wants.