Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Okay, it is not a crisis or anything but I was looking online for lavender cupcake recipes and found some cupcake rainboots and then I was reading this blog and she got the cupcake rainboots amd they were on sale and I thought hmmm...the universe is telling me something. Maybe I should get some. I think they made some skull boots so maybe I will order some because I have been looking for grown up galoshes for YEARS now so I check out Target and oh my goodness! Too many to choose from..what do I do? do I get the red or the turquoise? I only need one pair. Actually, I don't even need them but lookie...sooo nifty! sigh. I am not going to be purchasing any new clothing for the rest of the year so as my last hurrah do I go with red or turquoise? What do you think? Oh and ahem, how does one wear galoshes? We don't wear them with shoes anymore right? As a kid I remember wearing them with my sneakers and always freaking out when the sneaker got stuck in the boot. And do you get your actual size or larger...I am a dunce! I dunno, do I get a 7 or an 8? Help!


  1. Hooray! All the rain galoshes that I have seen in the past were either in kid sizes, or cost 1.5 million dollars. Thanks for sharing your super sweet find!

  2. I love my galoshes, but they do eat my socks every time I wear them. So I would suggest getting the slightly smaller size. Eaten socks are a drag!