Saturday, March 17, 2007

Felt Club Fundraising Auction

Hey folks! Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to bid on 1 of 3 fantastic crafty packs to help out Los Angeles' own Felt Club! Felt Club recently got slammed with over $600 in fines for our over exuberant posting of flyers. It seems our fans were a little too gung ho and posted where they should not have and/or didn't remove them after the event. So to help out, dozens of crafty Felt Club vendors donated all sorts of goodies to help the cause. You can place your bid here Have fun and good luck!


  1. Hey suh-weeeetie! (This has nothing to do with the ebay auction!) I need to pick your brain re: a robot-themed birthday party for the boyo next month -- maybe you have leads for cheapie robot stuff somewhere out there to buy and/or make? maybe i can tempt you ($$$) to make little robot-embroidered somethings or you could share (for $$$) your embroidery pattern (like art-boy's t-shirt or your wee camera disc pouch)???? I'm trying to avoid the Robots-movie stuff, and need ideas for favors, decor, and a craft project for kindergarteners... E-mail me at, or call meeeeeeeeeee! xoxo,s

  2. casue i have a zillion robot ideas i will help! :)