Thursday, March 08, 2007


Nothing more than feelings...eegads, now THAT song is stuck in my head but I suppose it is oodles better than the darn Pussycat Dolls. Crikey but they bug me!

I had a bad bout of brain yesterday. You know how there is a mini avalanche of emotion and your worries and stress just topple all over you? I was reading good things about friends and suddenly felt so lonely, left out and sad. Happy for them, definitely but oh so melancholy. I sat at the computer fully involved in a snort sniffling weepy moment. The kind that includes hiccupus, moans and a lot of sniffley snot. Many tissues were used and mascara wound its way down my cheeks. Hours later I was exhausted. My eyes were tired and I still felt sad. Lucky me to be sitting in an english class deconstructing a "humorous" passage about the Iraq war. It is no wonder I didn't feel like laughing and yet the ick crept in way before the class started. It hung around all day and only passed after the Husbandman pestered me into smiling. Thank you scooty, it was a big help!

today I must must must finish a bunny for the shop...and my eyes are still sore. sheesh! Onto something a bit more cheery. Check out the fortune cookie I wrapped up for the Husbandman. The second anniversary is Cotton or China. Here is my interpretation of the China Anniversary:

crafty anniversary


  1. you're too cute! love using takeout containers for everything!!! Sorry to hear you had a hard day, maybe some creative time will cheer you up and get you going again!!! I'm totally excited to see your bunnies for Easter, I'm thinking Alaina will need one.... I'll pop into Etsy at some point this weekend. Have a nice day, Hugs - Tara

  2. Jek, I can totally relate. Hurrah to the Husbandman for cheering you up.

    By the way, I'm with you on the Pussycat Dolls. They really irk me.