Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sometimes I surprise myself

 I just packaged up my package for the April Swap-o-rama and I had the darnedest time coming up with something for the handmade part. The colors were lavender, cream and black and quite pretty. Delicate even and I thought I should make something suitably sweet. I finally decided on a trio of lavender scented satchets and to tweak them a bit while making them harmonious with all three of the colors I decided to make wee patchworked pillows. They came out so darn pretty, I am tickled! Who knew I could pull off pretty? Click here to see another angle. Oooh and check out the fabulous ensemble Jennifer put together for her person! Awesome!

Today, Mr. A-go-go, Sister A-go-go and I hit the subway and checked out the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Los Angeles. Meh. It was kind of like a glorified farmer's market without the fresh produce. They did have japanese drummers and kettle corn though. Oh and we saw these amazing hand crafted insects made from palm leaves! They were amazing! The Sister A-go-go bought two of them and I did manage to take some pics but they are still on the disk in the camera so I will have to show y'all later. We had a nice lunch at a japanese place and then trekked on over to the Marukai Market where I picked up some green tea soy milk, paprika & allspice in adorable wee glass bottles, my favorite shortbread cookies & a package of chocolate peanut clusters with rice and spiced soy something...the package was just really nifty. It was orange with a Mr. Peanut character and a Mr. Kakinotane character! I love me some nifty packaging!

When we got home we sat on our back stoop and watched the bees in the garden. Everything is blooming right now and oh so pretty! When we got tired of the bees we picked two oranges off the tree and ate them...yum! Sitting in our garden enjoying the sun is so nice. We need a good hammock to nap in. We even spotted the skink we rescued from the neighbor kitty the other day. Love our creepy crawly life. After a nice rest we jumped in Rodney (the car) and went off to visit with granny who was already lounging in bed. she had decided she was hungry and thought if she went to bed earlier she would get dinner earlier. Lucky for her we brought peanut butter and crackers. She requested them last week. Peanut butter, crackers and um...sardines...gotta love the lady!

Happy last day of March! Happy Birthday Big Sister and Happy Birthday to the Sister A-go-go!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Photobooth Friday: oh so arty

photobooth friday: mar 30

What do ya think? This strip was taken at the beginning of my reintroduction to the booth. I'm thinking December 2000 maybe or maybe it was January 2001. I think it was after my Mamos passed and I was hosting a friend's photo openning at the big bookstore I worked at. It was a great night with old friends. We laughedm hugged and drank sidecars at a swanky bar. We took a lot of pictures of the actual fun but this strip was taken before it all began which is why I like it so much.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okay, I admit it...

pink w.i.p: horseys and bunnies oh my!

I'm in over my head in regards to crafty obligations and swaps. It may help for me to write these thigns down as I forget what I sign up for and who I agree to for a personal swap and then suddenly I am behind on a few and have forgotten some more and I end up running around in circles in this tiny tiny casa leaving a trail of buttons and threads and scissors behind me. Has anyone seen the fabric scissors? I can't find them.

Currently I have put on the back burner a personal swap with two fabulous peeps. I have the purchased stuff tucked away in their very own ziploc on the kitchen table which resembles anything but a table but I still need to put it all together with some pizazz! I have a birthday present for Lalu, my oldest bestest gal in a bag on the floor under the ironing board. Her birthday was in February! I have two sister birthdays coming up on the same day, Saturday and haven't mailed one or started the other not to mention the April coloriffic which is mostly needs packaging. Oh and then there are the "surprise" packages that I have been thinking of sending out. One of them is from last year! Call me Susan Powter but STOP THE MADNESS! Sheesh! Do any of you do this too?

I hate when I get behind but I hate that I hate it so much that it leaves me all kerfungled and such. So today, I have a plan to cross a bunch of stuff off the list. Today I actually thank the Stacey lady for canceling on our lunch date because now I have no excuse not to finish up some stuff.

Pictured up at top is a peek at the work in progress part of my contribution to the Pink swap over at 5 things. There's something about a pink bunny wielding an axe that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Happy Thursday folks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My quilting man

wip: quilt!

Here it is, THEE work in progress! The quilt that took over the living room. We had to move the sofa to get the floor space our place is that small. In this picture Mr. A-go-go is getting ready to pin all the pieces together. The quilt top, the batting and the back. You may think "Wait a minute, shouldn't the top be facing the other way?" and you would be correct if we were making a simple quilt. We, of course are not. We are making a quilted duvet cover. This way we can use the quilt as a summer blanket and then stuff it with a comforter for when it gets cold! Ingenious I tell ya! Many months ago Mr. A-go-go brought home a giant roll of quilt batting that he rescued from the trash pile at work. We're talking GIANT, as tall as me almost and just about as thick. We were afraid to open the tube and imagined it growing to crazy porportions like the blob or something but we seemed to manage okay. The batting is usable but sadly it is polyester and not cotton. Being the "use what you have" people we are and being that it was free and would maybe end up in a landfill, we used it. There is plenty left over Susan and Cathy if you want some but remember it isn't cotton. It is about 3/4 of an inch thick and 4-5 feet wide. If any other of you local ladies would like some, lemme know so we can schedule a pick up or somethin'! He has already started machine quilting the thing and I can't can't can't wait for it to be done! What I really love is how some of the fabrics came from swaps and two are vintage pieces from dresses I've worn. Now, I want to make a quilt. This time I won't ask the guy for help and just start cutting all by myself.

Today is school and errand running. I need to pick up a few supplies and such. Tomorrow I am hitting the post office and helping the Stchay-shee gal with a robot party for the boy and Friday it is lunch with Cat and Saturday we're going downtown to the Cherry Blossom Festival and then on Sunday I may venture forth with camera in hand to photograph a guerrilla pillow fight. Happy Wednesday folks!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Mamos!

Today would have been my Mother's 66th birthday. I miss her so much it still hurts and overwhelms me at times. She is around the same age as I am in this picture. I have no idea when they started filming for the flick. Her best friend's husband at the time was a producer for Universal and got them a gig as extras for a short while. This was a great big thing for my mom as she adored films so very much and was disabled with Lupus but was in the middle of a good period where her health soared and she was able to be productive. I don't remember much from this as I was only 5 or 6 but I do remember her smiles and laughter. She told me the lights almost knocked her out...Lupus doesn't do well with a whole lotta lights, brightness and activity but she had such a good time running around and hanging out with some guy in a hawaiian shirt named Bobby. Yup! If you ever find yourself watching New York, New York, keep an eye on the two ladies seated at the table behind Liza just before the champagne fight starts. That's my mamos and her friend! She told me how they had to spend hours pretend speaking and they could only say "Tomato". Later I would follow in her footsteps as an extra in The Doors. I had just recovered from a hellish chicken pox experience and had lost both my voice and had an ear infection. I was seated way way way in the back of the theater where Jim gets arrested on stage and spent most of my time reading my smuggled copy of The Vampire Lestat and then lipsynching "Light My Fire" when filming was happening. I was sad that I couldn't talk to anyone and mad that they put me in a dorky outfit which I of course restyled more to my liking the next day and no one noticed. If you watch The Doors and search search search for a girl in a giant white floppy hat with red polka dots, that's me! I did get to wear crushed velvet bell bottoms and eat all the donuts I wanted and Oliver Stone stepped on my foot while Kevin Dillon asked me if I was okay...oh and I got paid too! So, whoo-hoo!

When my mother was alive we would go thrift shopping on her birthday and then after she died I would go thrifting by myself holding a mental commentary of what she would like, not like, etc. I have school all day today so can't go but I did go yesterday and I think she was with me in spirit or maybe I'm just a little nutty. My mom was one cool lady who had a hell of a life. I am amazed at what she went through and sometimes I wanna knock some sense into her head but I can't. She did the best she could and with everything that was stacked up against her, I think she did a pretty good job. I am so grateful for what she taught me. I wouldn't be the me I am without the life we had. I love you Mamos. Wherever, whoever or whatever you are I hope you are at peace and eating some very good cake! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

bunnies big iaan armful o' bunnies

Easter is coming soon! Soon! Soon! Who needs chocolate when you can get one of my espressly made for you faux coco bunnies? Don't they look dandy? Okay, fine, I'll stop with all the self promotion...have a happy weekend folks! Today I get to hang out with a dear friend and eat yummy goodness but for now I need to do a bit of speed cleaning, the goal is the kitchen table! Wish me luck!

Friday, March 23, 2007

friday's flickr fix

Photobooth friday will return next week when I can wake myself up enough to hunt down a good strip! For now, check out the new flickr group called Friday's Flickr Fix. I love a challenge so here's my first duet:

What do ya think? Eyecandyforthebrokenhearted has the best people shots. So fun and colorful and quirky and you just can't go wrong with Animal, right? Are there any scrumdillydilly readers out there who are semi local to Los Angeles and would be interested in a crafty tea? I'm thinking of hosting something like this but on a smaller scale. Drop me a line if you are interested (you can find me at gmail, same as my shop name). I'm thinking the end of May. Okee doke, time for more crafting and dinner prep. I made an awesomely awesome lavender "pound" cake yesterday that sadly is almost gone. The best part is there is less than a stick of butter and only two eggs! You can't beat that! Whoo-hoo! I'll post a picture or two later. Ciao!

Of cherry trees and blanket faces...

cherry trees: cascading down

I woke up later than usual today and can't shake the grogginess from my eyes. Add that to the blanket face and stuffy nose and I'm a beauty queen. Oy. My girlie test came back unremarkable. Excuse me? It's a good thing but I kept wanting to laugh and tell the doc that actually I am QUITE remarkable but you know how it goes when you're at the girlie doc. Well, actually I do tend to laugh and crack jokes which was much appreciated by my previous doc, this one however has a bedside manner that does not match mine. sigh. I hate looking for new doctors. I also hate feeling intimidated and stupid but that is my problem, not the docs, right?

This picture was taken at Lake Balboa in Van Nuys, California. The cherry trees are abundant and so so so pretty. If we had been able to make it the week before it would have been even more stunning since the blooms are already dropping. We took the bikes for a spin and then sat on a bench like old people watching the ducks, coots and grackles. I then proceeded to take a zillion pictures.Click on the icture to see the rest. It was so pretty. Can you see that there are blossoms cascading down from the sky in the picture? Isn't it pretty? There were goldfinches in the trees mucnhing away and the blossoms were blowing all about. These particular blossoms were gifted from Mr.A-go-go as I lay down on the dmap grass calling out "okay, go!" and he would dump a pile of blossoms over was windy so they would go everywhere. Pretty still, I think.

This week was a weird week for me. I couldn't find the groove to do anything productive. I'm going to blame it on the stupid time change. It is just too dark in the morning and my circadian rythyms want me to stay asleep. I did manage to package up all the sales from this weeks shop stuff...YAY...and I even whipped up some more apple cozies. So I guess I shouldn't be too down on myself. Today is more crafting, library visiting, homework and laundry. Perhaps a little marketing thrown in. Stay tuned for Photobooth Friday. Like I said, I'm a blanket faced groggy gal. I need to wake up still.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Jar O' Joy continues

Aack! I just wrote out all kinds of oodles and bits only to have the entire page disappear...I have no idea what happened though I suspect my left pinky may have had something to do with it! Sneaky! Phew! After 13 days floating around the U.S. the Jar O' Joy has finally reached its destination. I hope hope hope Deb gets a gleeful kick outta of the wacky innards as I had a blast stuffing that thing! I didn;t stuff it nearly as much as Mel did for me. My items were a bit more bulky but I think I did a pretty good job. Let's see...I managed:

*lobster dashboard dollie
*2 fabulously funky ocktail muscle men
*charm-a-liscious dragonflies
*a Lindt chocolate lamb or two
*CHoward's Violet candies
*a kokeshi doll
*wind up gorilla that flips
*nifty japanese notepad keychain from MOCA
*2 large paper umbrellas
*African nectar tea from Mighty Leaf
*painted green tin heart "ornament" from Cost Plus
*rosemary mint soap from Whole Foods

Not bad, right? Today is doctor day where I FINALLY will get to hear the results from my ultrasound back in December! Yes, I know! You're thinking WHAT? Me to! I called and called and called and nothing so today I go in for a gilrie exam and then my results. See, I'm a DES daughter and along with the DES (scary cancer stuff) comes alll sorts of reproductive abnormalities. Mr.A-go-go & I are trying for a wee go-go and it is kinda looking like it won't be in the cards and the ultrasound will tell us how abnormal my girlie parts are. I hope all is well, it should be since it has been three months since the test but if it isn't, I'm afraid I will go a wee bit postal on the doc and yes, I'm already on the lookout for a new doc. You gotta love insurance, right? Wish me luck folks. This DES stigma really sucks and I try not to dwell on it too much but it plain and simple sucks. Which is why I am looking forward to cupcakey goodness, ANTM and hanging out with my gal Gelato-g! I need to get bigger envies to mail my coco bunnies so Happy Wednesday Folks!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Okay, it is not a crisis or anything but I was looking online for lavender cupcake recipes and found some cupcake rainboots and then I was reading this blog and she got the cupcake rainboots amd they were on sale and I thought hmmm...the universe is telling me something. Maybe I should get some. I think they made some skull boots so maybe I will order some because I have been looking for grown up galoshes for YEARS now so I check out Target and oh my goodness! Too many to choose from..what do I do? do I get the red or the turquoise? I only need one pair. Actually, I don't even need them but lookie...sooo nifty! sigh. I am not going to be purchasing any new clothing for the rest of the year so as my last hurrah do I go with red or turquoise? What do you think? Oh and ahem, how does one wear galoshes? We don't wear them with shoes anymore right? As a kid I remember wearing them with my sneakers and always freaking out when the sneaker got stuck in the boot. And do you get your actual size or larger...I am a dunce! I dunno, do I get a 7 or an 8? Help!

A wee peek at my busy-ness

I am such an unorganized crafter. There a bits and pieces of projects and piles all over the casa. Pictured above is a sneeky peek for a 5 things swap. Not so sneaky really but I din;t want to show the finished product. Did I tell you all that Mr.A-go-go took over the quilt project? I had been planning on making a quilt for the bed for two years now and had collected all the fabric but didn't have enough confidence to cut. One day he asked if he could start on it because he was going stir crazy and needed a project and I said sure thinking how cool because he cuts straight! Next thing I know he starts asking me technical questions I couldn't answer and then he measures the area of the fabric AND the finished product and tells me we have more than we need and I'm thinking just start cutting and sewing patchworky like no pattern...he doesn't work that way. He felt bad for taking it over. It is almost done and super cool! We're making a quilted duvet cover. It can be both a summer light weight quilt AND a heavier quilt if we stuff a comforter inside. He asked me if I was sure I didn't mind him taking it over and I replied "How many other people can say their husbands made the quilt?" I still think he is just the swellest guy ever! time to make some more projects and maybe bake something sweet. It is raining outside!

Happy tuesday folks!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Week in Review: March 12-18

Finally! A nice not too busy not too crazy kind of week. Though of course I personally had a mini freak out on Friday but I let it all out and shared with the mister what my crazy lil head was thinking and though I still think I'm a bit of a freak I feel better. Thanks scooty! School was school and while I really appreciate the classes and such I just can't quite throw myself into it this semester. It is still early but sheesh! Today is the crazy day where I have to write an essay in class but then I get to watch me some Kurosawa and after that it is all about kid's books! Whoo-hoo! All the lil coco bunny faux fauxs sold, thanks to Susan at West Coast Crafty for the shout out, but you can still get the BIG ones! Please get a big one...they're in need of new digs and hugs and basket hanging out. Tomorrow will be a packing up day and possibley a mail day if I can get it all packaged at a decent hour. Wednesday is no school and a doctor's visit and then Miss Gelato Girl will be coming over for dinner and guilty pleasure t.v. watching...yes, we sadly enjoy America's Next Top Model and this season is turning out to be quite the watch! The best part is when we recognize everything in the background like the Goodwill fashion show they did was at the Goodwill just around the corner and the house they lived in 2 cycles ago was just up the street. Yes, we are a bit geeky. If you are a fan and enjoy snarky commentary, check out FourFour's blog. HYSTERICAL! He updates on Mondays.

Happy day folks! Happy day!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Felt Club Fundraising Auction

Hey folks! Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to bid on 1 of 3 fantastic crafty packs to help out Los Angeles' own Felt Club! Felt Club recently got slammed with over $600 in fines for our over exuberant posting of flyers. It seems our fans were a little too gung ho and posted where they should not have and/or didn't remove them after the event. So to help out, dozens of crafty Felt Club vendors donated all sorts of goodies to help the cause. You can place your bid here Have fun and good luck!

Wishing you a luck filled day!

Have yourself some green fun! Bake cupcakes, go on a scavenger photo hunt and take picutres of green, drink green tea and wear some green stripey socks! Have fun! Click here to see the picture with links and such!

Friday, March 16, 2007

please excuse this construction...

I am a techno dunce and for some reason could not accomplish this on the site...

Technorati Profile

photobooth friday: the "found' edition

photobooth friday: semi found

Okay, not really found but discovered on the windshield of Rodney the car. Left just for me & Mr.A-go-go by our favorite "nephew" and friend Danny-boy who must have spent the day train traveling and subway hopping. Who may have been to downtown and Amoeba before tucking this surprise under the windshield wiper. I only wish he had actually stopped to say howdy but then again he may have and I might have missed him because I was out in the garden trying to take pictures of bunnies for the shop.

Thank you mister for leaving this jewel for us and I just may post the front with your permission...;)

Check out more boothers to your right! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We jump for fun!

happy anniversary!

My apologies for the lateness of the sharing. Here is our third jump! Whoo-hoo! Sadly as evidenced by the wonkiness of the picture the camera is really and truly petering out. The batteries ar not holding their charge and the discs are malfunctioning more than ever. I may just have to settle of a less expensive camera. Unless of course you all go buy a bunny or something...

So, after a laughable epsisode and mini pity party I think I have really figured out what it is I want to do. Grown-up, lifewise. I'm not sure about the hows and I really need to figure out how to do away with the distractions but I want to try my hand at this idea I've been kicking around for a couple of years now. It will be part crafty, part scrumdilly-do and part shop. I think it is time for the super list. I'll let you know more about it when I figure it out. I think all this technical internet and computer stuff is holding me back. I'm clueless about how to obtain a site and domain blahblahblah. Any ideas, hints and encouragment will be more than welcome. I can trade lavender shortbread for help...anyone?

Today I will craft and clean and visit. Hope your day is just swell!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm in a cooking kind of mood...

Or rather I WANT to be in a cooking kind of mood...

I've been working on an essay for class that we are supposed to actually write IN class but I want to be prepared, ya know? So, instead of actually doing what I should be doing, I'm dreaming of eating lovely things and it being the day after Johnny Appleseed Day I thought apples would be a good theme. In fact, I think I am going to bake some apple cupcakes. Doesn't that sound lovely? Oooh, I wish I had an apple corer. I have an awesome thing I make. Or, rather adapt. My brother makes this amazing spicey candied pecan salad with green apples, dried cherries & red onion. I once had too much of the other stuff and no lettuce so I made a yummy stuffed apple and I will write down what I did and encourage you to TRY THIS! It is extra special yummy!

What you need:

*crisp Granny Smith apples
*chopped red onion
*stinky stilton cheese
*spiced candies pecans
**i sautee mine in butter with 1/4 c sugar and a lotta sprinkles of cayenne!

Mix all but the apples in a small bowl. Core your apples and stuff them with the yumminess. Slice and enjoy with a slice of crusty bread some minted fizz water. Exquisite!

Okay, back to writing and some baking! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Week in Review: March 5-March 11

I'm not exactly sure if it was a busy week or not. I'm getting into my new school schedule which is completely different than the last two years. Yikes! I'm kinda all over the place! We've paired down and sold the Husbandman's car so have switched around a few other things but all is working out fine. Other than school I crafted a bit and got to visit with out of town friends. Mr. A-go-go got sick so the weekend was spent puttering about the casa. We wonked up a "birdbath" in the garden using a plastic plate and some wire. I hope the birdies get a kick out of it. The garden is starting to grow some more green and the part that cracks me up most is the rogue lettuce growing like a weed in all kinds of funky places. It is growing much better than the stuff we planted! Have you ever seen a seeded lettuce? The seeds look like dandelion fluff! No wonder the stuff is everywhere!

Oh, I almost forget! Other than crafting, schooling & visiting we headed out to Hollywood Blvd on Friday to cheer on Mr. Rodney Bingenheimer as he received his star on the walk of fame. Oodles of rockers and icons were there! Th Donnas & The Bangles and Richard Blade of course. I would have gotten better pictures if not for all the darn tourist snap snap snapping away...they didn't even know who he was! Grrr! Rodney & I go way back! Twenty-one years in fact when he decided to try and court me. And yes, I was very young and yes, it was creepy but it was Rodney and I adore him! I am glad he got his star, it's about time! So many other Hollywood celebs get stars without ever being true people of Hollywood or Hollywierd as Rodney would say. Rodney is such an icon of the Hollywood music scene. Check out Mayor of the Sunset Strip if ya like. It paints him in quite a sad sad picture and I think they could have done a much better job.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm a winner!

February was a month of good luck and contest wins! First I won this adorable dollie from Cheryl of Lily's Rooster. Isn't she smashing? Then I won a signed poster from my favorite L.A. musician Mr. Bob Forrest who I think is a true legend. His songs and lyrics are just so honest and through all kinds o' muck and crap he kept singing. He has had some nifty highs and some god awful lows and he still sings. Thanks Bob, we love you for it! Nify wins I think! If only I could have one a Trader Joe's giftcard! Shoot! I enter every shopping trip but so far I haven't been lucky enough for it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

It is a nicely warm day outside and they expect it to be around 90 tomorrow. With me still not at 100 percent and the Husbandman now sick methinks we will be taking it easy. Mayhaps we will hit Scoops for some chocolate & guiness ice cream...happy weekend!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Photobooth Friday: X-ray Specs & Wig Action

photobooth friday: boy meets girl

We hit the Edendale Grill (well, acutally the Mixville Bar) for our second anniversary photobooth strip. We had wigs and scarves and backdrops and of course some nifty eyewear. Three strips were taken here is my favorite from the set...

Check out the sidebar for more booth-o-rama! Happy Friday folks!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Nothing more than feelings...eegads, now THAT song is stuck in my head but I suppose it is oodles better than the darn Pussycat Dolls. Crikey but they bug me!

I had a bad bout of brain yesterday. You know how there is a mini avalanche of emotion and your worries and stress just topple all over you? I was reading good things about friends and suddenly felt so lonely, left out and sad. Happy for them, definitely but oh so melancholy. I sat at the computer fully involved in a snort sniffling weepy moment. The kind that includes hiccupus, moans and a lot of sniffley snot. Many tissues were used and mascara wound its way down my cheeks. Hours later I was exhausted. My eyes were tired and I still felt sad. Lucky me to be sitting in an english class deconstructing a "humorous" passage about the Iraq war. It is no wonder I didn't feel like laughing and yet the ick crept in way before the class started. It hung around all day and only passed after the Husbandman pestered me into smiling. Thank you scooty, it was a big help!

today I must must must finish a bunny for the shop...and my eyes are still sore. sheesh! Onto something a bit more cheery. Check out the fortune cookie I wrapped up for the Husbandman. The second anniversary is Cotton or China. Here is my interpretation of the China Anniversary:

crafty anniversary

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pretty Birds


We live in a duplex court and our front door is a hop & a skip from the neighbors' directly across from us. Their wee bungalow is a mirror image of ours and if you look out the window you could see directly into their window. It is an interesting thing to live in such close proximity to people you would not necessarily know otherwise. Neighbors. It is an interesting concept. Our neighbors across from us are on the "hot" side of the court meaning they get all the sun. In the summertime this can be quite unbearable so to solve their sun problem they planted out their Christmas trees from about five and seven years ago. These trees are now over twenty feet tall and quite LARGE! And suddenly I have noticed they have become quite popular with the birds. Morning doves, linnets, starlings, mockingbirds, hummingbirds...all kinds of birds and lately we've been getting a flock of bush-tits everyday! They come swooping in peep peep peeping away as they dash about searching for bugs and wee insects to snack on. Our flock has about twenty in it and they usually hang out for about 10 minutes or so. Yesterday they came by twice and since I have the computer at the window across from the trees their little bodies hopping to and fro always distract me so I watch. I have become a birdwatcher. Just the other day I saw a falcon in the tree! A falcon! The husbandman thought maybe I saw a kestrel so he pulled out the bird book but it didn't have the same markings. Really, it looked like a falcon! How cool! I think the morning doves are nesting in the tree and perhaps maybe even some hummingbirds. And, as I type this up there are two mockingbirds screeching at each other like there's no tomorrow. Sigh. I'm loving the birds.

Yesterday I got a zillion packages mailed...okay maybe it was only six but they're now on their way to new owners. I swept up the floors and I went through grandma's stuff from the retirement home. She saves everything! We found some subscription cards from magazines with notes written out on them. Things like definitions of BIG words and the birth dates of her mother and father. I supplied her with notebooks but still she writes on the cards. She is definitely a child of the depression! Today's a school day and I need to finish writing. I don't feel like school today but I'm not sixteen anymore so I must go. If you get a moment today look for some birds they're everywhere and so fun to watch! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One of those days

pink chickies: so many
I'm having one of those days where I have so so so much to do that I have no idea where to start. I have packages long overdue, crafts long overdue, homework, housework, phone calls and lunching. Instead, I have hung out in the garden. It is so pretty and hot outside and the jasmine is blooming and the seeds are sprouting. I'd rather sit outside and read crafty magazines. Alas, I have stuff to do. I have scholarship esays to work on, a softie to finish for the Softie Awards (not that I think I have a chance in gnome land but still, it's fun!) and all those other crafty swaps I can't seem to resist signing up for. Oh and two personal swaps I have tucked in the back of my mind but really I need to get a move on! Maybe some music will put me in the mood. Or, maybe I should bake some shortbread...sigh. I need to get back to work!

Happy Tuesday folks!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Week in Review: February 26-March 4

Yay! I'm finally on the mend and was able to have a fun and colorful week with pictures and everything! Let's see, there was school and granny visiting and a quick Target run...eeps their Easter stuff is out! There was mail incoming and mail outgoing and a wee bit o' crafting going on. We got to see the ever loverly Janet Klein and had a nifty weekend dinner feast with friends and family.

The husbandman and I had our 2nd anniversary and jumped jumped jumped until our feet hurt! Sadly, with the camera petering out the pictures are not as nifty as I would have likedbut still, we jumped! We did the breakfast bit at bob's which was a horrbile horrible experience. NEVER EVER get the french toast from the Bob's in Burbank. All it was, was super soft thick cut bread deep fried in oil. I took one bite and had my mouth full of oil I almost had an incident. Normally I would have complained and returned it but I was still sickish and our waitress never came around and well, we only went because Bob's is where we ended up eating our dinner on our wedding night and thought it would be fun to make it a tradition but we didn't want to be up and around at Bob's on a friday night so we went for breakfast. Stick with the pancakes like Jen did, stay away from the french toast! After jumping and the sad breakfast we headed out to Monster Park. Thank you to Cathy for giving us the heads up. It is a super nifty park so interesting and quirky but I could see why they would want to revamp it. It really is a little awkward and unsafe. Hopefully they will be able to do it while keeping the integrity of the park intact! After all that we dropped by to hang out with granny but I had forgotten the adorable dollie I got from Cheryl so I must bring her with me this week! Soon I promise to have a picture for you lady! We had a pizza dinner at our favorite Los Feliz pizza place and overall had a pretty swell anniversary! I got a new charm for my bracelet...a spool of thread for our cotton anniversary. The husbandman received a fortune cookie from me with a top secret coded message inside, my take on the China anniversary. By the end of the day we were wiped out!

Saturday we headed out to the Pacific Design center for their exhibit on prefab housing. Pretty interesting, if only we had some land...this week I have school, school and more school. I also have a whole lotta crafting to finish!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A joyful jar

the jar o' joy

I was the first in line for the Jar O' Joy and Wow! Wow! Wow! Did ms.mel pack it full or what? I've just finished filling the jar for the next person and I only hope it pleases her since I know nothing about her! I had fun and it isn't as jam packed as it was when I got it but there's a little bit of kitsch and a wee bit o' pretty so I hope she gets a kick outta it.

Today is a gorgeous gorgeous day and I have all the windows open and did a wee bit o' cleaning, a tiny bit o' baking and a whole lotta picture uploading. Phew! The husbandman & I had a pretty good anniversary outing and I took a zillion pictures. Sadly, the mavica is really losing its oomph and our jumping pictures are not as clear as I would like. I need to get some more goodies into the shop because soon, I won't have a camera anymore. Feel free to donate to this worthy cause...I won't mind, really! :)

Ooh! I forgot to add that I saw a falcon this morning in the pine tree just outside my window! So cool!

Time for some movie watching. We've got the Gidget collection and Eating Raoul.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Happy Anniversary

photobooth friday: wedding portrait

Today is our second wedding anniversary and we spent the day jumping, eating bad breakfasts and looking for sandbox seamonsters. We're actually off to a photobooh right now so catch ya later!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

cough, sniff, whine!

Yup, still sick but I'm on the mend. It's my throat and all that gunky junk and the mouth breathing becasue of the nose issues. Erk! I hate it! But today is the first day of the rest of my life and I get to see Janet Klein...yay! Here's a pretty picture for your viewing pleasure:

cup of the day: february 27
I went through an entire box of tea and just picked up a new box even though I have a wee pink suitcase full of the stuff. I can't help it, I'm a tea snob, at least for the moment. I picked up a variety box of Mighty Leaf Tea because I couldn't decide which flavor to get. That and I have some swap people to send to. I hope they will enjoy the tea. Today is more crafting and baking and couch haunting as I do my best to get a bunny finished for the shop. Sheesh! Being sick really is the pits! It has thrown everything off and I'm not feeling productive at all which makes me feel ickified. It doesn;t help that I woke up around 10am. I must be sick since usually I am up by 6:30. Waking late throws everything off also and I feel like I am so far behind.

Today is World Book Day, what are you reading? I'm reading a book for school. War Reporting for Cowards. Sigh.