Thursday, February 22, 2007

We're Published!

Lookie! Mr.a-go-go & I are in a book...well, at least our work is. The infamous Sock Monkey of Wilendorf photographed my moi is tucked away inside the glossy pages of Everthing's Coming up Sock Monkeys by B.K. Connelly. This book is chock full of anything and everything sock monkey. From handmade sock monkeys, to storybooks to sock monkey art it's all in here! Check it out! We're published!

It is the day before my birthday and I am still sick. Sicker even than yesterday. I am sick and whiney and headachey and there is a crew outside chainsawing away. The tree trimmers are here and have been since 8am. Even with all the windows sealed it is a racket! The noise is giving Witch-baby the heebie jeebies and she is tearing around the house with racoon tail-itus. Poor kitty. I am on my 4th cup of tea and I am already tired of peeing. Sigh. I'm not that bothered about being sick on my birthday because we had no plans but if I am sick I can't visit with granny and whether or not I'm sick I HAVE to go to school Monday from noon-9:30pm otherwise I will be dropped from my classes! Such great timing, no? At least I am sick this week and not next. Next week is our 2nd anniversary and last year I was sick on our anniversary which is also Read Acros America Day. Hopefully it won't rain and Mr.a-go-go & I can do our annual jump off the fountain. What should I wear?


  1. Happy Day-Before-Your-Birthday, Jek! Sorry you feel gross. There are a lot of silly colds that hang on for ages going around right now.

    Congrats on your sock monkey making it into the book! I made a sock elephant for my Man once. I think my favorite thing was stitching up that little red butt. :)

    Maybe your yellow shoes could make an appearance at your 2-year fountain jump?

  2. Jek get better soon.
    Happy Birthday!!
    I loved looking at your weddin' photo's. You are sooooo cute. You'll be better for your anniversary and what ever you wear for the fountain drop will be fabulous! x ;)

  3. Congratulations on the sock monkey publishment. Sweet. Happy Birthday tomorrow. Just get well soon, will ya!

  4. Happy birthday to you! I just wanted to let you know that I somehow came across your blog, and it was so inspiring. I spent hours, looking and reading, checking our your links--and then I made my own blog! I never even wanted to do one before, never considered it! But yours was so engrossing and seemed so cathartic (in a positive way, of course)! Now I'm hooked, all thanks to you! Mine is Thanks for your wonderful blog, and hope you feel better quick.

  5. thank you you nifty folks! i'm finally on the mend but my brain is too fuzzy to post anything worthwhile...aack! and yes, at the very least i will wear my yellow shoesfor the jump!