Monday, February 26, 2007

The Week in Review: The Sick Edition

I didn't take many pictures this week. I sat on the couch and lept a lot. I drank oodles and oodles of tea. Can tea be measured in oodles? I went to school, watched movies and celebrated my turning 36 wich really wasn't all that great. The celebrating part, not the turning 36...I was sick, I was cranky and I was sick.

At first I thought it was just a cold but I had those overall flu aches, chills and pains...perhaps I had a combo pack of the flu AND the cold. Happy Birthday! Today is my danger day at school. I have back to back classes from noon until 9:30pm. Aack! Only 3 classes mind you. I have a one hour break after my first class so from 1:30-2:30 I can cram some sustenance into my body and then I'm off to Contemporary Film for 3 hours and then it is Children's Literature for 3 hours. Thank goodness for applesauce, string cheese and protein bars though really I'm losing the like of protein bars. Give me TigersMilk and I'm good. Too bad you can't find Space Food Sticks anymore, oh wait, you can! I still have a sore throat. However, now it is at that "jagged piece of glass" stage. I gargle with salt water until I wanna gag and then it is tea, tea, tea for me baby. If my nose worked I could enjoy the tea better but as it stands the hot feels good so that's cool. Damn those nasal polyps!

With me being sick and the holiday and school, I didn't really take any pictures. The poor old mavica is really sluggy anyway and I will soon be without a camera at all. I'm saving saving saving but no cigar, not yet. I did manage to draw a sidewalk chalk cupcake for my pall Roomie whose birthday is the day after mine and I did get to visit with her and A-Renay. Nothing says I love my friends more than when you let them into your stuffy sick home where there are lovely piles of tissue everywhere and empty tea cups everywhere else while you wallow on the sofa in mismatched elvis pajamas and green & yellow foam rollers in your hair. I was bored! It was nice to see you ladies, really!

I did watch the Academy Awards last night. I feel obligated what with it taking place less than 3 miles from the casa. They always interview all these people who are so excited to watch all the rush rush rushing but they never interview a local who is peeved and annoyed at how the traffic is even more messed up and you can't get across town because all the streets are closed. Even with all the griping, I watched it. It is kind of a tribute to my mom to watch them. They used to be on right around her birthday and whatever the year, wherever we kids were, one of us always made sure she had blank video tapes and chinese food to watch the awards. She loved watching the awards. Later, after she died and I was not dealing with it very well, my good friends Roomie & A-Renay hung out with me for the awards night. We ate Thai food as I am sure my mother would now be eating Thai food and watched the red carpet part and then got completely bored with the rest of the show so we spied on our neigbor aka Naked Spanish Guy. He was hysterical. A golden haired spaniard who liked to lounge on his porch shirtless all oiled up for sun worship. He'd walk around his tiny place nekkid with the window shades open so really, we didn't have to spy. But he was a doll and a dear and one of the worst pet owners in history. I would lecture him everytime he brought a cat home. But he was sweet and funny and he walked around nekkid so we put up with him.

This week is recovery week. School and our second wedding anniversary. I hope this week is better than last week. Time to gargle...happy Monday!

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  1. Jek, even with being sick you still managed to be all colorful and wonderful n' stuff.

    I had to do a hella lot of cleaning last night because I sat on my ass and watched the entire Academy Awards, even the preshow. I don't know why I love it, but I do. I also didn't know that the Hollywood theatre is inside a mall-ish building, and that they just cover the storefronts with red curtains to make it look like a theater. A co-worker told me that. Disappointing!