Monday, February 05, 2007

the week in review: january 29-february 4

There is too much to write about so I won't write much. It has been super duper busy and I really want a nap. We have a houseguest until the 12th and while it is a delight it throws my rythym off so I'm all behind and sleepy and kerfungled. This weekend we hit the road and traveled to the infamous Cabazon where we walked amongst dinosaurs, flew a kite and took many many pictures! The good news is that the T-rex is now open and you can sit in his mouth and pretend you are a Simone asking Pee-wee about his dreams, the not so good thing is that the group that now organizes the whole shebang is of the "Dinosaurs aren't real" ilk. So there ya go. Today we hit Chinatown and lunched in the hipster hubbub of Silverlake. Tonight is it lazy laziness and ginger soup making. Happy Monday folks!

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  1. "We all have a big but, Simone. Let's talk about your big but." Hahaa! Love PeeWee's Big Adventure!