Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shop update

card sets!

New spzml card sets available at jek in the box! Each set comes with 12 cards and 12 envies and all cards are blank just itching for your words of wisdom!

Today is a super windy day. Perfect for baking banana bread. School knocked me out yesterday. I'm almost all better but not really. I have a cough and just that general feeling of ick. I want to run around and run errands and such but if I do I know I will be knocked on my arse again and we have plans for our anniversary weekend. Plans people! Okay, not huge plans but Thursday we are going to see the ever lovely and crush worthy Janet Klein & her Parlour Boys and then on Friday we're gonna have breakfast at Bob's instead of dinner (props to Jen for her birthday pancake picture) and then we're going to jump off the fountain of course We may go for a long drive perhaps or maybe to Monster Park, I dunno yet and then on Saturday we will do even more!

Time for a nap! Check out yuckmouth on scrumdilly-do!


  1. Sounds like a Perfect Anniversary Formula in the works! Wiishing you a good one in advance!

  2. I like these cards... they are random and silly.