Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Make a wee trinket box!

wee trinket box: fin
Come on! You know you want to! You can make them for friends or family or maybe make a few for yourself! Check out scrumdilly-do! for the tutorial! Methinks I need to make more!

Yesterday was an exhausting day. I never got to nap or clean but I did get to visit with granny and score a pair of sailor pants! Go me! I have been looking for denim sailor pants since I was 16! Seriuosly! I had a pair of authentic wool ones then but I really wanted denim. I adored the style of wide legged pants and secretly wanted to be Kathryn Hepburn. At least I wanted to be her when I didn't want to be Margaret O'Brien, Audrey Hepburn, Twyla Tharp, Edith Head or Shirley Maclaine. My mamos used to expound the virtues of old movies and musicals so much so that while all my other firends were at the pool swimming on a disgustingly hot day, I was home camped out on the sofa drinking a suicide soda (my favorite mix was coke, fruit punch and mountain dew) watching The Bluebird or An American In Paris. Once, at a Sweet 16 slumber party, I awoke early to discover that Lili was on The Family Film Festival and proceeded to wake the other girls so that we could all watch it. Sigh. I love Lili! But back to the pants! They are perfect with big buttons on the front and the fit my gifted thighs and aren't to shabby across the derriere. The best part was that they were on SALE! Whoo-hoo! So ladies, if you find yourself near a JC Penney and aren't a fashion snob check 'em out! They also have some adorable swingy style cap sleeve t-shirts in the Juniors department that I believe us not so teenagey ladies could pull off! Happy day before Valentine's Day! Today I get to laze in front of the television watching a weeks worth of cheesey shows. Tonight it is a Heart Day celebration with the Lucy Goose and Crooner boy..oh and I need to finish my jebots for the Robot Swap...yikes! BUSY!

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  1. Oh, I am so glad to have found you via flickr. Love your blog and cant wait to see more of your ideas for kiddos.