Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have you heard of Travis Day?

It was new to me also! We felt that a day was needed to honor white trash desserts and thusly declared February 7th as Travis Day. Dubbed Travis Day in tribute to all those little blonde haired boys with semi mullets or rat tails we whipped up a favorite white trash dessert....Travis Pie! You too can make your own Travis Pie. All you need it chocolate pudding, whipped topping, marshmallows, canned whipped cream and pie crust. We made ours out of shortbread which we later decided was too high brow for a white trash pie. Now, before anyone is offended we must declare that at times we often feel a little white trashy so yes, we are mocking ourselves. So, dig around yer cabinets, pull out that box of chocolate pudding, grab a ready made pie crust and layer yourself some polyhydrogenated sweetnesss. We recommend many dollops of whipped cream and a viewing of COPS to make Travis Day complete.

Don't forget that tomorrow begins Random Acts of Kindness Week. Send some postcards to folks you don't know or write out a bunch and leave them in fun places to be discovered!

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