Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shop update

card sets!

New spzml card sets available at jek in the box! Each set comes with 12 cards and 12 envies and all cards are blank just itching for your words of wisdom!

Today is a super windy day. Perfect for baking banana bread. School knocked me out yesterday. I'm almost all better but not really. I have a cough and just that general feeling of ick. I want to run around and run errands and such but if I do I know I will be knocked on my arse again and we have plans for our anniversary weekend. Plans people! Okay, not huge plans but Thursday we are going to see the ever lovely and crush worthy Janet Klein & her Parlour Boys and then on Friday we're gonna have breakfast at Bob's instead of dinner (props to Jen for her birthday pancake picture) and then we're going to jump off the fountain of course We may go for a long drive perhaps or maybe to Monster Park, I dunno yet and then on Saturday we will do even more!

Time for a nap! Check out yuckmouth on scrumdilly-do!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Week in Review: The Sick Edition

I didn't take many pictures this week. I sat on the couch and lept a lot. I drank oodles and oodles of tea. Can tea be measured in oodles? I went to school, watched movies and celebrated my turning 36 wich really wasn't all that great. The celebrating part, not the turning 36...I was sick, I was cranky and I was sick.

At first I thought it was just a cold but I had those overall flu aches, chills and pains...perhaps I had a combo pack of the flu AND the cold. Happy Birthday! Today is my danger day at school. I have back to back classes from noon until 9:30pm. Aack! Only 3 classes mind you. I have a one hour break after my first class so from 1:30-2:30 I can cram some sustenance into my body and then I'm off to Contemporary Film for 3 hours and then it is Children's Literature for 3 hours. Thank goodness for applesauce, string cheese and protein bars though really I'm losing the like of protein bars. Give me TigersMilk and I'm good. Too bad you can't find Space Food Sticks anymore, oh wait, you can! I still have a sore throat. However, now it is at that "jagged piece of glass" stage. I gargle with salt water until I wanna gag and then it is tea, tea, tea for me baby. If my nose worked I could enjoy the tea better but as it stands the hot feels good so that's cool. Damn those nasal polyps!

With me being sick and the holiday and school, I didn't really take any pictures. The poor old mavica is really sluggy anyway and I will soon be without a camera at all. I'm saving saving saving but no cigar, not yet. I did manage to draw a sidewalk chalk cupcake for my pall Roomie whose birthday is the day after mine and I did get to visit with her and A-Renay. Nothing says I love my friends more than when you let them into your stuffy sick home where there are lovely piles of tissue everywhere and empty tea cups everywhere else while you wallow on the sofa in mismatched elvis pajamas and green & yellow foam rollers in your hair. I was bored! It was nice to see you ladies, really!

I did watch the Academy Awards last night. I feel obligated what with it taking place less than 3 miles from the casa. They always interview all these people who are so excited to watch all the rush rush rushing but they never interview a local who is peeved and annoyed at how the traffic is even more messed up and you can't get across town because all the streets are closed. Even with all the griping, I watched it. It is kind of a tribute to my mom to watch them. They used to be on right around her birthday and whatever the year, wherever we kids were, one of us always made sure she had blank video tapes and chinese food to watch the awards. She loved watching the awards. Later, after she died and I was not dealing with it very well, my good friends Roomie & A-Renay hung out with me for the awards night. We ate Thai food as I am sure my mother would now be eating Thai food and watched the red carpet part and then got completely bored with the rest of the show so we spied on our neigbor aka Naked Spanish Guy. He was hysterical. A golden haired spaniard who liked to lounge on his porch shirtless all oiled up for sun worship. He'd walk around his tiny place nekkid with the window shades open so really, we didn't have to spy. But he was a doll and a dear and one of the worst pet owners in history. I would lecture him everytime he brought a cat home. But he was sweet and funny and he walked around nekkid so we put up with him.

This week is recovery week. School and our second wedding anniversary. I hope this week is better than last week. Time to gargle...happy Monday!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Day After

birthday: fortune cookies!

It was a pretty ordinary day. I spent it mostly on the sofa, reading and watching movies. I drank a lot of tea and received a lot of great phone messages! My throat was too sore to talk so I let the machine get them. I was home all day but feeling ickified! I also got a bunch of happy cards one of which came in a fabric envie. Sooo prety! Thank you witchy lady! I took a hot hot hot shower and put on my brand new birthday pajamas from lalu. They came packaged as a Pajama Gram, how cool is that?

I have to admit that this casa is too small for a sick girl and an anxious Mr.a-go-go. Too small! It wasn't his fault but his anxiousness added to my not so great day. Can I go hide now? The lump in my throat is down to a tik-tak so hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. The casa is a messified mess and I can't handle it anymore. Mr.a-go-go did make me some super yummy peanut butter cupcakes. Moist and semi salty sweet from this book. We omitted the chocolate glaze and added a wee sprinkle of powdered sugar, a dollop of barely sweetened whipped cream and some milk chocolate chips. Next time methinks I will put the chips in the cupcakes.

Hopefully today will be better but I have a feeling that it isn't going to be. Sigh.

Happy Birthday Mama Midwifery Craze and to Neesypea!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Photobooth Friday: The Birthday Edition

photobooth friday: happy birthday to me

Yep folks, today is my birthday and boy does Mr.a-go-go know me or what? This year was too busy to make any spectacular birthday plans so we thought we would go to the booth. Rather, I thought we would go to a booth and take a picture and see if we could get any other strangers to go in with or for me...sadly I am sick. Super sick. The sick that isn't sick which has been haunting me since October has finally given in and gifted me for my birthday. Pooh. The tree trimmer are STILL outside chop chop chopping away and my throat is STILL sore though now the tenis ball has tunred into a superball. I'm not as achey and only half as whiney but I have nifty photobooth strips to make me giggle, freshly made fruit salad and a bunch o flicks I stumbled out to rent yesterday. I had wanted to bake some birthday cupcakes but I'm not feeling up to it maybe I'll stumble out to the little Armenian Market and pick up a bunch of wee cakes. One of the best birthday cakes I have ever been gifted with was a big pink box chock full o tiny cakes by Edie from my good friend Leets, book lover and events planner extraordinaire. SO many different flavors and I could share or not...I did share of course but those cakes were the most thoughtful cake gift ever! Thank you Leets! Hang in there with the new store chaos and try to get yourself a car!

Welp folks, my toes are cold and so is my tea and the sofa is calling calling calling out to me...wishing you all the most splendid unbirthday ever and keep boothing!!! If anyone ever wants to trade booth pics, drop me a line!

Check the sidebar for more boothing nuts!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

We're Published!

Lookie! Mr.a-go-go & I are in a book...well, at least our work is. The infamous Sock Monkey of Wilendorf photographed my moi is tucked away inside the glossy pages of Everthing's Coming up Sock Monkeys by B.K. Connelly. This book is chock full of anything and everything sock monkey. From handmade sock monkeys, to storybooks to sock monkey art it's all in here! Check it out! We're published!

It is the day before my birthday and I am still sick. Sicker even than yesterday. I am sick and whiney and headachey and there is a crew outside chainsawing away. The tree trimmers are here and have been since 8am. Even with all the windows sealed it is a racket! The noise is giving Witch-baby the heebie jeebies and she is tearing around the house with racoon tail-itus. Poor kitty. I am on my 4th cup of tea and I am already tired of peeing. Sigh. I'm not that bothered about being sick on my birthday because we had no plans but if I am sick I can't visit with granny and whether or not I'm sick I HAVE to go to school Monday from noon-9:30pm otherwise I will be dropped from my classes! Such great timing, no? At least I am sick this week and not next. Next week is our 2nd anniversary and last year I was sick on our anniversary which is also Read Acros America Day. Hopefully it won't rain and Mr.a-go-go & I can do our annual jump off the fountain. What should I wear?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

School Daze

I know...the daze part is a total cliche but hey I AM in a daze. It was the first day of school and I woke up sick. Actually I woke up sick at 3am and stumbled into the kitchen where I ate 2 spoonfuls of applesauce, a gulp of milk and then a shot glass of emergen-c. I swear it feels like someone has shoved an oil soaked tennis ball down my throat. It is swollen and sore and gunky. I hate gunky. Sniff. I only had 1 class today but I left 3 hours early so that I could run some errands and find parking. I love that Target opens at 8AM. Love it! I picked up some tissue for my ickified nose and all the gunk and then a couple o' tubes of the Target brand Airborne and of course an orange t-shirt and um a green dress oh and a new thermometer as our old one has gone missing. I'm thinking the couch ate it. I then pitifully made my way to Wild Oats Market where I got my homeopathic remedy for the gunk and some Yogi Immunity Support Tea. I was so achey and whiney and sad I treated myself to a toasted cracked peppercorn bagel from Noah's and off to school I went.

It took me almost 30 minutes and 3 miles worth of driving around and around the damn parking structure before I found a spot which ended up being in a different lot furthest away from my class as possible. Of course I was early still so I hopped on over to take my photo I.D. but because I had previously taken one (two years ago) I had to go wait in another line which took 20 minutes to pay the $5 fee to renew the I.D.. Whoo-hoo! Go me! I finally get that done and of course the pciture is even more freakishly scary than the last one and I curled my hair and everything. Sigh. Chalk it up to the evil tennis ball vacationing in my esophagus. The reason I needed my I.D. was to retrieve my G.P.A for the CalGrant application and after a couple of more lines I am told that I don't need to get my G.P.A. from them as they will automatically send it to the CalGrant website. Fun! I trekked on over to my English class also known as Creative Nonfiction which oddly enough is in the Music building and waited about 40 minutes until my class met. I can hear opera coming out of the room across the way and me in my sad and pathetically sick state I tear up. Oh Puccini how I adore thee or maybe it is the memory of Julian Sands and Daniel Day Lewis in A Room with a View that I adore, either way I am sick and weepy and achey and bored out of my mind. Class finally starts and I am excited. We will be writing about ten thousand words by the end of class. Wowza! I can't wait. After class I have to drag my sickly loser self to the bookstore where I fork over about $150 for two textbooks and two supplemental readers. One of the texts was $70! I had better enjoy that film class.

Now I am home and in need of a bath or a cup of tea or a cupcake or some pudding. I am home and whiney and I have obsessively taken my temperature three times with my new digital thermometer and yes, I do have a slight fever. Sniff. I am home and I want to lay my cheek on the cold bathroom floor while I whimper and then maybe cry and then I will feel better. Weird maybe but that's how I feel. Okay, it's bath time...

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Pancake Day!

I have to tell you I am obsessed with the pancake song...check it out on scrumdilly-do!

february swaporama: p.w.
My birthday is coming up this week and I am going to be one year older...one year closer to the big 4-0 and while I don't think that is old, I DO think it is utterley surreal. I don't feel like a grown-up. How could this be happening? Sigh. No booth party this year especially since the booth is gone. I had wanted to throw myself a Pee-Wee party and force everyone to make me a Pee-Wee Herman portrait of sorts. I have been trying to do this for 7 years and nothing! I have 2 Pee-Wee portraits, one swapped and one purchased and I have a faux photostrip, shrine and those nifty picks up there! I think I need more. Not that I'm fishing (well, I'm sort of fishing) cuz really while I love gifts, I always feel overwhelmed by the gesture. Not so sound all weepy and pathetic but birthday bashes never really worked out for me until I did the booth parties. My best gal ROOMIE and I have our birthdays 1 day apart and we decided to throw ourselves a 30th b-day bash and NO ONE showed up! NO ONE! We were pathetic...it was kind of funny but gee folks...NO ONE showed up! So, this year I have decided to nip the weepiness in the bud and do nothing. No expectations, maybe a booth trip for me and Mr.a-go-go but no partay. This way, when a card shows up I will be delighted! Oh, speaking of cards, I got my first birthday card last week. It was from the Red Cross whishing me a Happy Birthday and then asking me to come back and give blood! Hee-hee! I will. I just won't do the blood mobiles anymore, the young people with needles are a little too pokey for my taste but soon, I promise, my blood will be yours. So, cough cough, nudge nudge, wink wink...if you're feeling up to it and happen to feel posessed enough to whip up a Pee-Wee portrait and have no idea what to do with it, you can send it my way...or you can help me out with the camera fund....I have paypal...a buck is all ya need to lose....shameless, yes I am! Oh, and then there is always my wishlist...

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Week in Review: February 12-18

It was an oodles nd bunches kind of week. I wrote a bunch and made oodles of everything. I baked, I sewed, I crafted & I counted. Phew! Mr. A-go-go & I were doubly busy together. We gardenned, we cleaned and we visited. We took a doggy pounced kitty to the vet. She's okay. Phew! We had some of the BESTEST ice cream ever! Seriously, if you are in L.A. you have already probably heard but the hype is true I promise you, go to SCOOPS! Thai, the owner is super nice and nifty and his ice cream is trully a delight. Forget pinkberry, SCOOPS is where it's at! I did all kinds of kooky things. I ate pineapple pepsi sorbet and I hollered out BINGO when my order was ready at In & Out. Note: People don't generally appreciate happy people when they have to wait 20 minutes for an order. But it did get me a thank you for my patience and a smile from the crew so there!

Today we visit granny, drop of junk at the thriftstore, clean, craft & maybe get a smog check on the car. This week I start school and I turn 36...yikes! Hopefully, I will be updating jek in the box. I am making new bunnies this year and these lepurs are even better than last year's. No gocco this time, we're talking embroidery people and they are BIG! I can't wait to show you! Have a happy week and don't forget tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so make some pancakes!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another belated Heart Day craft!

Years and years ago I ran a journaling/book group for middle school girls at the bookstore I worked at. We met once a month to discuss the book we were supposed to read and do an art/craft activity and some journaling. One Valentine's Day I came up with the idea to repurpose heart shaped chocolate boxes as stationery/craft kits. I had the darnedest time trying to find unused boxes, this was before my foray into the internet, so I begged and pleaded with all my coworkers to hunt them down, bring in old ones and even buy some candy so I could use the boxes. I needed 13 of them as I had 12 girls and me. We used the medium large size and we cut out construction and astro brite paper into hearts that would fit snugly in the box. These were the "paper" part of the stationery. We covered pencils with ribbon and added a bunch of collage elements to the inside of the box for that added flair. We used cupcake liners to house the stickers and pom-pons and overall the event was a fantabulous success. A success I completely forgot about until I saw what some wonderfully crafty blogger made for her shop. Please forgive me I cannot remember who you are! If someone can help me out give me a shout so I can add linky-links and such. So, this year, I made a collage box for a dear friend who is an atc addict and often participates in swaps hosted by ARTchix. I didn't have the time to hunt down a fresh new box so I HAD to purchase a small box of chocolates, darn, and then use that. The process was easy, the hard part was deciding on how to decorate and what to add. Space was really limited so I had to get creative. Here is what I ended up with:
If you pack the top with a heart shaped piece of bubblewrap or maybe a few other flat items, it should prevent your wee goodies from escaping the muffin cups. I added a paper lantern, mini chopsticks and a fortune from a fantastic little box set called Takeout for Two by Running Press Books. I also included a variety of stickers. These boxes are great for repurposing! You can add cookies, homemade truffles, cereal, sweets, faux food and more! Check out these links for some more heart shaped box fun:

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


funky feet: february 13

But first, lookie my fabulous yellow shoes! Okee dokee with One Thousand Four Hundred and Nine pieces of candy in the jar...1409...that makes gypsy the winner! Whoo-hoo! gypsy, I could not get to your profile/main page so please email me your addie, okie doke? And I decided to add a lil somethin' somethin' for the two runners up and they are...mrsmonkeys and jane! I will also need your addies! You can flickr mail or gmail me...jek in the box...happy Saturday folks!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Photobooth Friday: vintage

This delightful young lady is my mom. I'm thinking this was taken when she was 16 or so but I could be mistaken. There is simply so much I could write about her but I don't know where to start. She was an amazing women who was dealt a very sad hand. I wouldn't wish the traumas that she went through on anyone but then again I am wouldn't be the person I am today if not for them. She was beautiful and full of hope, promise, crrativity and love and then life happened. She never got to realize her potential. She never beleived in herself. She based all of her self worth on my father and the fact that he walked out. Boy, did he walk out. I have probably mentioned this before but my mother did an amazing job at being my mom. She raised people's spirits when they were down. She was a listener and a good one and while she had every right to complain or vent herself, she never did. I tried to get her to, I tried. She spent 25 years of her life, my life, pining. Pining for a man who deserved nothing of the sort. Then, one day while I held a pity party for myself at the foot of her bed she came out of it. The look of wonder and amazement on her face for all those years wasted made my heart weep. Made my heart laugh. She came out of it. We laughed, we shopped, we made grand plans for the new mamos. We were partners in crime. We had a blast. She was 58 years old and she woke up. Less than six months later my mamos was gone. I miss her everyday. I miss her now. Take a cue from her and like the tacky plaque her cousin gave her when my brother died...when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...make lemonade with a little bit of spice.

More booth-o-rama (and hopefully happier):

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Contest Time!

contest: check out scrumdillydilly

Guess how many sweets are in the jar and win a Valentine Themed giftpack from jek in the box! Add your guesses to the comments section and whomever is closest without going over wins! You have until Friday to guess. Saturday I will announce the winner! Click on the picture to go to my flickr page to see larger shots. There's a whole lotta candy in that jar! Filled to the brim, the sweets include:

*1 pound of m&ms
*2 small bags of jelly bellys
*4 snack packs of HOT TAMALES
*1 bag of Brachs Conversation Hearts
*1 bag of kissables

and a few other odds and ends...the sweets will be for the Family A-Go-Go so don't worry, you won't have to eat it all!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Make a wee trinket box!

wee trinket box: fin
Come on! You know you want to! You can make them for friends or family or maybe make a few for yourself! Check out scrumdilly-do! for the tutorial! Methinks I need to make more!

Yesterday was an exhausting day. I never got to nap or clean but I did get to visit with granny and score a pair of sailor pants! Go me! I have been looking for denim sailor pants since I was 16! Seriuosly! I had a pair of authentic wool ones then but I really wanted denim. I adored the style of wide legged pants and secretly wanted to be Kathryn Hepburn. At least I wanted to be her when I didn't want to be Margaret O'Brien, Audrey Hepburn, Twyla Tharp, Edith Head or Shirley Maclaine. My mamos used to expound the virtues of old movies and musicals so much so that while all my other firends were at the pool swimming on a disgustingly hot day, I was home camped out on the sofa drinking a suicide soda (my favorite mix was coke, fruit punch and mountain dew) watching The Bluebird or An American In Paris. Once, at a Sweet 16 slumber party, I awoke early to discover that Lili was on The Family Film Festival and proceeded to wake the other girls so that we could all watch it. Sigh. I love Lili! But back to the pants! They are perfect with big buttons on the front and the fit my gifted thighs and aren't to shabby across the derriere. The best part was that they were on SALE! Whoo-hoo! So ladies, if you find yourself near a JC Penney and aren't a fashion snob check 'em out! They also have some adorable swingy style cap sleeve t-shirts in the Juniors department that I believe us not so teenagey ladies could pull off! Happy day before Valentine's Day! Today I get to laze in front of the television watching a weeks worth of cheesey shows. Tonight it is a Heart Day celebration with the Lucy Goose and Crooner boy..oh and I need to finish my jebots for the Robot Swap...yikes! BUSY!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Countdown to Heart Day

shortbread necklace: so fashionable

I adore Valentine's Day! I have always adored Valentine's Day! I never felt all weepy weepy when heart day came around and I had no valentine. I pretty much never had a valentine when heart day came around and having one just gives me another excuse to make more goodies! With the houseguest on her way back home I have a moment to attempt to cram 14 days worth of Heart Day fun into one but what I think I am going to do is post all week so you will have to make stuff all week long for those you lurve. Today's activity is Shortbread Necklaces. Doesn't that look purdy? Shortbread Necklaces are super yummy too and so simple you will want to make them for any and all holidays. Arbor day? Check! May Day? Check! Yell Fudge at the Cobras Day? Check! See, shortbread necklaces are for all holidays and unbirthdays too. Try 'em, you'll be hooked! Oh and pssst...you can see how to make them here and this is the same recipe I use for my famous Lavender Shortbread. I add a tablespoon dried lavender buds and a squeeze of fresh lemon to the dough and then I roll it in more chopped lavender and superfine sugar. I chill the logs in the fridge and slice and bake! This dough keeps wonderfully in the freezer and bakes up from frozen just fine! Trust me, these are good! Just ask Ms. Susan Stars, she'll vouch for me and so will the mastermind behind biggerKrissy, we did a swap and she asked for cookies! And yes, I will swap...

for some more Valentine's lovlies you can take a peek at my Heart Day Kaboodle Page or check out Mary Jo Matsumoto's nifty purdy lipstick bags!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have you heard of Travis Day?

It was new to me also! We felt that a day was needed to honor white trash desserts and thusly declared February 7th as Travis Day. Dubbed Travis Day in tribute to all those little blonde haired boys with semi mullets or rat tails we whipped up a favorite white trash dessert....Travis Pie! You too can make your own Travis Pie. All you need it chocolate pudding, whipped topping, marshmallows, canned whipped cream and pie crust. We made ours out of shortbread which we later decided was too high brow for a white trash pie. Now, before anyone is offended we must declare that at times we often feel a little white trashy so yes, we are mocking ourselves. So, dig around yer cabinets, pull out that box of chocolate pudding, grab a ready made pie crust and layer yourself some polyhydrogenated sweetnesss. We recommend many dollops of whipped cream and a viewing of COPS to make Travis Day complete.

Don't forget that tomorrow begins Random Acts of Kindness Week. Send some postcards to folks you don't know or write out a bunch and leave them in fun places to be discovered!

Friday, February 09, 2007

photobooth friday: seeing double

What can I say? I like wigs, I like photobooths. I thought at one time to use the same pose in the booth everytime I went. I think I did it this one time, on the same day in two different wigs. I scored the wigs at an after Halloween sale at Target. They were $3 each. Taken in 2004 we have gotten a lot of use out of these wigs.
Tomorrow is an estimated photobooth day. Of course we have much more planned for the day so the booth may get pushed back to Sunday. Long live the booth!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am a Diner Fiend

I am forever looking for diners to eat at. Last Friday we arrived at LAX quite early so decided to grab a bite before entering the chaos that is the airport. I remembered that there was a Pann's back from when my greatest gal pal lived in the area and so we hunted it down. Pann's does not disappoint. Fabulous diner grub just as you would expect it only tastier and the decor was simply too too. I would highly recommend this place if you are ever in the LAX vicinity. Like I mentioned before, the onion rings are superb.

I had all these grand plans for posting prior to Valentine's Day. I made a list of crafty heart day fun and was going to make one thing a day but having a visiting teenager kinda calls for some unexpected fun. The young lady has been here since friday and is a delight. Other than the teen angst and hullaballooo I had to go through with the young man, everything is just dandy. I sent the kids off on their own so that I could have today to catch up on bad television, bake and post post post away. Let's see if I can get it together enough to attempt something crafty. I nthe meantime you can check out my Kaboodle page on fun Valentine's Day finds for you, me or your loved ones...and yes, this is a shameless hint as my birthday is coming up...you can check out my birthday list too...happy february! Ooh, I almost forgot! Today is "Wave all your fingers at your neighbor" day so make sure you smile and say something cheerful to your neighbors! Or if you are industrious, you could always bake a cake.

Monday, February 05, 2007

the week in review: january 29-february 4

There is too much to write about so I won't write much. It has been super duper busy and I really want a nap. We have a houseguest until the 12th and while it is a delight it throws my rythym off so I'm all behind and sleepy and kerfungled. This weekend we hit the road and traveled to the infamous Cabazon where we walked amongst dinosaurs, flew a kite and took many many pictures! The good news is that the T-rex is now open and you can sit in his mouth and pretend you are a Simone asking Pee-wee about his dreams, the not so good thing is that the group that now organizes the whole shebang is of the "Dinosaurs aren't real" ilk. So there ya go. Today we hit Chinatown and lunched in the hipster hubbub of Silverlake. Tonight is it lazy laziness and ginger soup making. Happy Monday folks!

Friday, February 02, 2007

photobooth friday: i get a bang out of him

Methinks the husbandman has surpassed me in photoboothing. His expressions are just dandy and he always has a great story. Yes, I am superbly jealous. It's a good thing I lurve him so. We have a houseguest for the next 10 days who is just as freaky over the booth as we are. Tiemto hit the bank and get us a stash of ones. We're going boothing!

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