Monday, January 08, 2007

the week in review: january 1-7

A new year, a new week in review! Hope y'all had a wondermous week. Mine was hit and miss but ultimately not too shabby. I am grateful for the little things like sock monkeys, swapping, picnics, grandmas & mr. a-go-gos. I did much lollygagging and visiting and there was a whole lotta laughter and breaking of bread. This week there will be more visitng and bread breaking but hopefully I can get my brain to accept the task of cleaning house. Our little casa is a gigantic mess and I'm afraid even the scissor drawer is lacking. I can't seem to find a pair of scissors to save my life, therefore, I must clean. Like it or not, these homey piles of fabric and doo-dads need to be purged...wish me luck!

Yesterday was a most beautiful day. We took an early morning walk through the remaining 2 miles of canals in Venice Beach and oohed and aaahed over the tiny little houses with tiny little docks and decide that too many peple who live there don't deserve it as it was a sunshiney perfect day and not one person was on their porch drinking tea or any beverage. Granted, it was early but boy oh boy, if I lived there, methinks I would sleep on the porch! There were sad mildewy kayaks and rowboats all over the place. Me? I'd be canoeing to my heart's content. Oh well. We walked over 2 miles and my body has decided I am aging and my hips hurt me like they have never hurt before. For the rest of the day I walked like a duck and quacked all along also. Today, I am not so sore but look forward to more walking. Speaking of walking, we also took a 2 mile walk around Lake Hollywood aka the resevior. It could be really pretty if not for all the chainlink and barbed wire. Oh well. I tried to take a picture from the hill but the glare from the sun made it less than spectacular which is sad as the resevior is quite pretty from a distance...I have no idea where we are going next weekend but I will be checking out a ballet class...gulp!

Today it is visitng with the witchy lady and some cupcake eating and laughter. But first I must get my arse to the post office and mail out what should have been mailed on Friday...yikes!

Happy Monday folks!

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