Wednesday, January 31, 2007


What does one do when they back into a motorcycle?
the making of the holy toast
They make toast! Okay, this may horrify and offend some folks and I don't mean to do that but a girl needs all the help she can get. Monday I hopped into the car to go to the market and as I was backing up to get out of the parking spot (street parking people) I heard the unmistakable crunch of vehicle hitting vehicle but I had looked in my mirrors and behind me and there was nothing so as the crunching continues for all of another second I can't register the noise becasue I couldn't see anything! I stop the car, pull forward a bit and get out to see a sad motorcylce laying on the ground towards me. The bad news is that I backed into it, the good news is I did not run over it. I freaked and was moritfied and a super nice guy helped me pick the massive thing up and all I could see were CRAZY scratches all over the thing and cracks, yikes! Cracks! I asked everyone who walked by within the next 15 minutes if they knew where the owner lived but no one didso I left a note on the bike and went back home to cry a little. My neighbors told me that the guy had got hit a few weeks ago and when I went out ot take pictures I got to reassess the damage and truthfully, I have no idea what damage my car did. There is nothing on my car, nothing! It was the spare tire that compacted into the bike and the direction the bike went is not consistent with my car and the scratches on the bike criss cross in so many directions I'm not sure which are from me if any. I reported it to my insurance company to be on the safe side and to make sure the owner doesn't try to hold me responsible for everything since the person who hit his bike last time left no note. This all happened on Monday and I haven't heard from the owner and the bike is still on the street so needless to say I am a whirlwind of nerves. I do not enjoy confrontation and I hate having people angry with me. Eeps!

Today is an even more ickified day as someone i adore is stressed and I cannot help them unstress. (yes, you!) Welp, time for laundry, cleaning, creating and more cleaning.


  1. you are today's funky find! check it out:

  2. Hi Jek,
    I showed your bike photo to HP (Husband Portion) who has had more crashes than I care to think about (careless motorists!) and he says the damage to that bike has been caused by it sliding down the road at a high speed. The criss cross scratches get caused by the bike turning round 180 degrees while sliding as the engine is usually still going and pumping out heaps of power with no-one controlling the front of the bike, obviously.

    So fear not, no sane person could accuse you of doing that damage to the bike. And especially if there's no paint on your car!

    xx steph

  3. thanks steph! i have been thinking about it and thought there was no way for me to cause that kind of damage! also, i haven't heard from the person so i guess all is good! :)