Friday, January 19, 2007

Photobooth Friday: A first

photobooth friday: noooooo, i don't want to!
His first time and maybe his last. He refused to look at the camera. A few days later he told me he had been scared. at the time when we asked all he did was shake his little fists nd scream "I don't wanna!" Now, he says he's fine. Hopefully we didn't traumatize him too much. This is from a boy who wouldn't ride Peter Pan at Disneyland but went on the spinning rockets four times. FOUR TIMES! He also has a penchant for hanging upside down and for his birthday he really wanted a purple alarmclock. Go figure. Happy Birthday little man, Happy Birthday!

check back for more boothers!
a faux booth brina_head
hula seventy
The Whole Self


  1. ah, so funny. and the lighting in this booth is particularly unique (in a good way)... :)

  2. Andrea, the lighting was actually TOO MUCH. I will post the first two strips soon and the pics were blown out in a big way so we muffled the flash with artboy's coat and viola! Excellent color!

    Thanks acukiki!