Thursday, January 11, 2007

a perfect day for soup

It's a good thing January is National Soup Month! Writing of NSM, wander on over to scrumdilly-do and check out my soupy goodness post. The technical aspects may look a little wonky but the hert & soul are there. I hope you enjoy it. After freakishly HOT weather we finally have acloudy day here in Southern California. I am going to have a nice bowl of soup for breakfast, in fact that very bowl up in the picture will do nicely. I hope Mr. A-go-go left me some today. After breakfast it is time for errands and then a cheesey commercial lunch date with super swell pals at The Olive Garden. Once back home I will craft away and watch library movies and maybe even indulge in a cup o' cocoa. If I don't get myself up right now, I will end up on the sofa with my sudoku puzzles and tea so off I go...happy soup day folks!

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