Thursday, January 25, 2007

the monkeys are coming! the monkeys are coming!

lurve monkeys: dollies

hmmm...the monkeys are here!

Finally, Valentine's Day dashboard dollies are in the shop and wating for you to provide a new home for them! Please? I am saving up for a new camera so all the proceeds from my etsy shop go to the Camera Fund! I'm about halfway there and birthday is coming up...come on, you know you want one! They actually will fit in a regular sized mailing envie, if not a little plump but what better mail surprise than finding a lurve monkey on your doorstep?

Yesterday was a busy day. Had grandma duty which was delightful and difficult and then the Witch Baby had to go to the vet as she is a poor huffing asthmatic kitty and she needed new pills but they won't just give them to ya, ya gotta bring her in...zoinks! While I was at the vet, I watched a most interesting Animal Planet show about ants. It was mighty nifty and I think I was the only one who was fascinated by it. When the husbandman got home I was so excited to tell him all about it but mostly I was excited about how they put an ant on a wee tiny tiny! Super cool!

Just to give you an idea as to how dorky we are, last night we were bringing out the trash cans for trash day since our landlord runs a bit on the flakey side and as I was wheeling a very full can down our front steps I spotted a GINORMOUS cockroach. (EEEPS!) I hollered a Holy Cow, lookit that thing, it is HUGE and the husbandman being behind me so he can't see it says "Step on it" I reply, that I am NOT going to step on a critter that big and he asks me if it is American or Chinese, I holler back I don't know, it is HUGE. Meanwhile a street neighbor is walking by as we are staring at this might mighty gross out bug and I'm rambling on and on about the size and ickiness and the husbandman is trying to very its nationality and the neighbor guy is whammied by the size and stands there for a minute before scurrying past. The husbandman then stomps on it and says "American, it's American, bad news!" I ask why and am given a lesson on the habits of American cockroaches whichmostly means they like to go indoors and eat your trash and pet food (yuck!) while the Chinese hang out outside. I ask what the difference is in appearance and discover that the Chinese are what I grew up calling waterbugs and there was one summer where I found it delightful to feed the waterbugs oreo cookies...seriously, yes I did, I was around 10 ir so. Another ick! I ask about the little icky oily ones that get inside and the husbandman tells me that the little ones are German. American, Chinese and German cockroaches? Who knew? The best part is that this entire exchange happens on the street in fron of our courtyard whilst I am dragging a way too full trashcan to the curb. We often have discussions such as this. Not just abut bugs and insects but once we had a discussion on whether a Mermaid was a mammal or not. Yes, we were quite serious...mostly.

Today, neighbor mama & I are going to take a neighborhood walk and hit the famous Pinkberry for some green tea frozen yogurt. It may be freezing inside the casa but outside it is loverly. Then it wil be projects, wips, projects...more wips...crafty fun. Happy January folks, hope 2007 has started out quite well for ya!

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  1. I did not know such things about cockroaches--now I am so much more informed! Thank you and the husbandman--that is good to know, cause you never know when this info might be useful!