Sunday, January 28, 2007

I finally caught it!

etsy poms
Whoo-hoo! Every once in awhile I get an email alerting me to Etsy front page status and then, whenever I check, I'm the last pair of wide legged trousers in a size 12...lickety split! This time, many thanks to LJ pal lloli I caught and snapped a picture! Do you see? A spunky onesie made by moi! It looks so nifty and adorkable floating up there with all the other red and white goodness. If only someone would give it a that too much to ask? If you are ever in the market for a spunky baby giftie, lemme know, my spunky onesies really are quite cute and the spazimals make very quirky babies happy...
surrounded by spazimals
Happy Sunday folks. Mr. A-go-go & I took a walk in the foothills of Griffith Park today and now my legs are a might bit tired. I'm off to work on crafty things, bake some cookies (maybe) and watch some videos. Hope y'all had a most pleasant week!

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  1. Congrats on the front page!! Love your onesies:)