Monday, January 01, 2007

happy birthday granny!

yes siree folks! we just got back from granny's 94th b-day celebration! a wee one maybe but it stil made her smile. we had cake and brought cards and watched the rose parade. granny looks quite tired and has aged tremendously these past few weeks but she can still smile and laugh. i love her so and i thank all of you who sent her cheer! cards will be coming yer way soon!

happy new year!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    My granny is 92. His sister in law is 102!!!! Oh my, hopefully I will get there!!!!

  2. how wonderful! and a happy new year to you also! :)

  3. Your so sweet with your Granny,and lucky to have one around to spoil!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Oh!! Happy birthday to your Granny!! I hope she gets to come home soon. Happy New Year to you Jess!! Looking forward to seeing your new glasses!! Hugs to you and your family sweetie!!

  5. Happy new year and i hope your granny keeps feeling better everyday :-)