Friday, January 26, 2007

apple lurve

a tiny apple and me

If you ask me what my favorite fruit is I usually will answer BOBB! BOBB, to those not in the know is watermelon. Long story as to how it got the name but not really. I have been calling the melon BOBB since 1993 or so when a friend picked one up for me on the way home from Vegas. She was quite excited to surprise me with the perfect melon. She presented it with such florish in the parking lot of Bookstar, Woodland Hills that I serendipitously christenned it BOBB. Another favorite is seedless BOB, you get the picture. As much as I love BOB and I do, I really do, we at the A-go-go household can consume 2 a week, I will have to admit that my favorite absolute favorite fruit is apples. Apples are always in season and each season brings a different apple. I am quite freakish about my apples. I get in apple moods where I must, no I need a Pink Lady or a McIntosh or a Braeburn. Even a Red Delicious gets its moment with me. I however, do NOT like mealy apples. Mealy apples make me sad. So do Honeycrisps. I'm not a fan.

The everyday apple of choice here in the casa is a Gala though recently I picked up some awesome Fujis. Funny as I'm not a big fan of the Fuji but these were faboo! I read about different apples and want to travel to sample them. There are over 7000 varieties of apple in our world! 7000! Wowza! Pictured above is a baby apple. I think it may be a Baby Gala, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure what to do with it but lookie, isn't it cuter than cute? Maybe I should hop on over to scrumdilly-do and feature it for a wee apple pie. While we don't need wee aplles for miniature pies, how cute would that be?

There you go, my lurve for apples is no longer a secret. I also adore apple related things but not the plaid apple crap* that seems to swamp teacher's desks. Apple fabric, cute apples, kawaii apples, anthropomorphic apples...What I love most about apples is that they are portable. The yare great just as is or cut up and tossed into a fruit salad or my brother's famous salad. You can bake, candy, saute and roast them. Apples are awesome. Apple juice not so awesome . Apple sauce is pretty cool too, especially homemade hot applesauce...yum!

Okee doke. If you are an apple fan, why don't ya head on over to my etsy shop and pick up an apple printed eyeglass cozie, come on they're nifty. They've even been featured in the Adorn Mag Blog. Speaking of Adorn, subscriptions are now $9.99 go for it! If yer looking for something more decorative, check out Superbuzzy for some neato cute apple magnets. If you are in need of an immediate apple fix, chop one up for breakfast...smear it with peanut butter, ooh or you can try the jekissa delight...core yer apple and stuff it with a mixture of stilton, dried cherries, red onion & sweet peppered pecans. Slice it and enjoy. I guarantee you will love it!

*A fellow educator and I went to a fantastic music seminar for kids and all around us were preschool teachers and librarians geared up in all sorts of scary plaid apple clothing and accoutrements. Super scary and not cute at all. It made us wonder if there was some sort of rule to becoming a preschool teacher know like mustaches on cops.

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