Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy New Year!
I wish for you all a laughter, creativity, healthy and fun filled 2008!

Thank you for a most joyous year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Smiling Sock Buddha

I hope everyone had the most fabulous holiday ever and for those who did not celebrate I hope you and your family spent a most fabulous weekend together! My brain is too full to do any sort of writing so I just wanna ooze with lurve for the mister and show off my newest sock monkey...
And now it is time for a second breakfast of pumpkin cheesecake from our neighbor and a cup of hawaaian coffee on my new maker...Happy Boxing Day, friends!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's that time again!

Can you guess what I am doing today? I had so many plans for visiting with friends but found myself on the verge of a cold and with a family visit this weekend I decided to stay home and get some baking (and cleaning) done.

So far I have cleaned the dining nook, prepped my famous chocolate candies, hit the library for a book pick-up, and...brace yourselves...put the ironing board away. There is still oodles to do and I have pumpkin bars in the oven but wanted to give you all the scoop on my candies. This year I added some pretzels to the mix...can't wait to try them! You can find the recipe (in pictures at least) here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Mixmas!

vintage christmas: 1980Wishing you the happiest of holidays from a 1980 me. Does anyone out there want a holiday music mix? I've been playing Christmas tunes non-stop and would be happy to share!

The Week in Review: Dec 10-16

It was a week of crafting for fun, wrapping for all sorts and mad dashes to the post office. We managed to pick up our weekly haul of mulch, hit the record store and join the YMCA. How was your week?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Betacarotene & me

garden freshWhen I was seventeen I went through a major carrot phase. I was obsessed with carrot sticks and Hidden Valley Ranch dip. Oh so good. I would sit on our living room floor in front of a huge square a newspaper, a paper grocery sack and the carrot peeler. I would peel an entire bag in one sitting while watching Degrassi High. I consumed so many carrots that I actually turned an Oompa Loompa. Seriously! It took about 4 days of no carrot eating to get back my glow in the dark pale palor. I still love carrots but now I eat them whole and fresh from our garden and I haven't turned orange since!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Masked

photobooth friday: late
Acck. Can I wear a mask and hide all day today? I let myself sleep, and sleep, and sleep and I didn't wake up until 10am and I haven't done that in awhile and I feel like I've missed the whole day. I know. I can be quite the drama queen. Normally I am up by 7am at the latest and all I can think of is three hours wasted in sleep. I can't even remember if my dreams were good or not. Yesterday was the most unproductive day ever and now today I am late, late, late! Hey, lookie like the white rabbit! That's me up there in a rabbit very, very late!

This strip was taken a week after Thanksgiving at Pull My Daisy. It was a day of laughter and babes as the Mama Bird and the Birdie Babe came out to play with me. We walked and talked and lunched it up not to mention the boothing. Friends are a fabulous thing and that makes me happy.

More boothing can be found here and here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pretty. Productive.

It is super chilly in the casa and I am wearing two pairs of socks. I hate wearing shoes in the casa. Outside, the sky is crisp and blue and everything is just so pretty.

My dear Mamos passed away eight years ago today and while my brain clicks on the date, my spirits are high. Mamos loved Christmas and today I plan on making it happen here in the tiny casa. I will snack festively, wear something fun (even if it is santa lobster socks) and I will wrap presents, listen to holiday tunes, bake cookies and make some ornaments.

I am feeling motivated! Already I have washed three loads of laundry and documented three new projects for scrumdilly-do! I cleaned off the dining table but then piled stuff up on top of it again. I have sipped two cups of coffee with eggnog added and breakfasted on tangerines and gingerbread. Who said anything about it being a healthy day? Ooh and I received a fabulous fabric order from Sew Mama Sew. Yikes! So much goodness, I am still swooning from it. Pictures soon. I promise.

Gotta get cracking on scarves, gifts and a bit more cleaning. Happy Wednesday folks. Hug your loved ones for me, okay?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So I did and it was delicious!

A chilly casa and fabric attack

Why is it that crafty supplies and items look so happy all stacked up?

I have this habit of pulling fabric from the storage that I plan on using for some sort of project only to add to the piles so much so that I am overwhelmed with the choices and eventually, the piles of fabric fall over and I make nothing. Then I park myself on the floor and refold and stack all the bits up in towers of color. All reds in one place, all oranges, et cetera. Then I sit and look at all the fabric and feel inspired again. The piles tend to take over the tiny casa and having the clutter drives me batty. People who have been here might think I thrive in clutter but I actually don't. It depresses me and pressures me and makes me want to pack everything up and give it all away but then I look at my oddball collection of misfit toys and such and I cannot bear to part with any of it so instead I go out thrifting or supply shopping and come home with more things I don't need but I HAVE to have! Small colorful bowls, kitschy mugs, scarves, vintage children's books, packs and packs of rik-rak. Right now the tiny casa is in SUCH a state that I am itching to pack it all up all over again. The kitschy tree needs ornaments. Presents need to be wrapped. I have a couple of swap items that are long overdue and scarves need to be made. Overwhelmed I am. So overwhelmed.

The morning is crisp and super chilly. My fingertips and tippy toes are frozen and hurt. My love of the flannel sheets is wonky at best. They keep me warm but I cannot wear sheets around the house and if you wear pajama pants or yoga pants or some sort of pants with legs you get all tangled up in your clothes as you sleep. I get so tangled I can't turn anymore so the clothes come off at points during the night only to serve as some sort of wonky surf board when I get up in the dark and slide across our ancient termite loved floors. Wheee! Today is a visiting day and I like to see my friends. At the same time though my mind wanders and I think of all I have to finish up and the time frame in which to do it all and then I'm not very good company. I'm distracted. Tomorrow is my carless day and I will make sure to craft, clean and cook. Tomorrow I will get something done and then the ironing board can return to the closet. I will bake up some cookies and watch netflix movies and wrap presents and make cocoa and enjoy it all. Yes. Yes, that sounds like a plan. If you're a local peep, drop on by tomorrow for chatiness and craftiness. You are more than welcome!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Week in Review: december 3-9

Last week was a good week. It was a trying week and it was a busy week. Click here for more blurbiness on my week.

Today I have an important mission with the Leets and tomorrow I get to visit the Witch Lady. I am super duper behind on swaps and such but will get them out this week for sure. To my sister if you read this, no matter what, I DO love you.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Keepin' it (sur)Real

photobooth friday: culturedPhotobooths are great even when it's just you but throw a friend in the mix and it kicks it up a notch. Throw a couple of mustaches in and yer headed for an asthma attack from all the laughing! Click on the pic for more info about the day.

I just have to say, I Love Me a Photo Booth!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


mustachi-odeToday was some of the best medicine a girl could ever have. I spent the day frolicking about with fabulous new flickr friend and hair stylist extraordinaire, SoMany. We were off to the Dali exhibit at LACMA. First stop, the photo booth. I made us some special pipe cleaner mustaches for props. Next up was LACMA (thanks for the tickets oh husbandman!) and then on to Whole Foods for lunch. Fun was had every moment and I'm still wheezy from all the laughing. Thank you my friend, for a most fabulous and fun day!

Check out more pictures from the day here

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


gnomes that tickle your heartNormally making things makes me happy. Taking pictures of said things makes me even happier. I've been known to giggle while photographing my crafts. Heck, sometimes I even snort. That said, I'm not happy today. It's a long personal story so I will leave it at that. I'm hoping tomorrow will bring a new mood because right now, gnomies aren't making me happy, holiday music isn't either and chocolate? Not even chocolate is helping me today. I'm hoping you all are feeling good. Smile for me and hula hoop a bit, maybe your laughter will find its way to me.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Week in Review: Nov 26-Dec 2

Such a nice, fun & busy week it was! I got to visit with my favorite peeps, take photo booth pics, bake & set up our wee fiber-optic tree! What more could a lobster-girl want? We also watched a handful of movies, took a meander over to our favorite shop, hung out with granny and ate garden fresh sugar snap peas from our wee garden.

This week will be a tying up loose ends kind of week, I have some school stuff that needs to get done and so I will be busy, busy, busy! Happy December folks!

Hat in the center picture is handmade by Melissa Happy Stuff over at etsy!

Friday, November 30, 2007

My youtube Debut

I made this sad short of our trailer at The Shady Dell. I had grander plans but I forgot to do anything until our last morning. Please ignore my mouth breathing. It was early and I get snurfle-y and well, I'm a ham. Enjoy!

Photobooth Friday: Starting them young

What can I add to make this strip better? Babies in a booth...sigh...there's nothing better! Happy Friday folks!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Ode to Flannel bedding

toasty brown flannel
sheets on the bed. snowflakes blue
too warm to wake up

Oh baby, it is cold here in the tiny casa. For your information, yes, we do live in Los Angeles and I know...sunshine and blue skis and all that jazz, it's still cold to me. I'm a native and my personal thermostat is set for warm so when it gets to be around fifty-five degrees, I get cold. The tiny casa was built in the early 1900's and there is no insulation. Summertime is hellishly HOT and well, winter is pretty chilly. We have a small wall heater that only heats the living room so we use it sparingly and generally scuffle to and fro in layers, hats and scarves. If one of us is sick and living on the sofa, we shut the bedroom door, turn on the heat and bundle up on the sofa with Pee-Wee's Playhouse and oodles of hot tea. Then when we have to pee we dread getting up from our nest because we have to go into the cold, cold, bedroom to get to the bathroom. I would probably keel over if I encountered snow. I never really have. I want to...someday.
Anywhoo. I have never owned a pair of flannel sheets. I scoffed at their ugliness, I'm not a fan of plaid on the bed, but more and more I have been thinking about them for our tiny winters. I didn't want to wear socks to bed, I hate wearing socks in my sleep. They get all twisty and you kick them off, forget you did and wonder why you only have one rainbow striped knee sock covered in dust bunnies under the bed. I finally picked up a set, from Target, of course. They are brown with blue snowflakes so they kinda fit in with the room and the quilt. They were a bit stiff even after the wash but I decided to give them a chance and last night when I crawled into bed (sans socks) I do believe I sighed with their smoothness. I kept waking up and thinking "Gosh these are soft!" and when I woke up this morning to kiss the mister goodbye I thought I would camp out in bed all day. I have a new lurve! I dragged myself out, wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on stripey socks (orange & navy) and brewed a pot of green tea. I ate a loverly tangerine and a pumpkin bar for breakfast and now I need to finish what I started yesterday (putting the many piles of fabric away). Today I get to play with an old friend and new baby and I can't wait! Whoo-hoo for Thursdays!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wonky is as Wonky Does

wonky scarves: rolledI've added the wonky scarves to ny etsy shop so if ya really, really need one head on over. There are five available. I love, love, love the combo I used for this batch.

I still need to make scarves for my five things swap but first I need to do some cleaning up. Everything is a disaster here at the tiny casa. I managed to put my clothes away yesterday. See, I am a sloppy, messy, rattled lobster-girl. I have good intentions, I do. It's just that I get so easily distracted. I know I do this so I try to nip it in the bud but that doesn't always work. The living room is still full of fabric piles. I had dreams for each pile but methinks it is time to throw in the towel. I need to keep out only what I know I will use and put the rest away. Once I get this done, my head, hopefully will be clearer and I can work on writing and other stuff. After I tackle the fabric, I will need to tackle the books. It seems my children's book collection has been reproducing and I have nowhere, absolutely nowhere to put these books. And in case you are wondering, yes, I DO need them. I love my picture books so much they make me dance!

So, after the fabric and books are dealt with I will need to hit every surface that should be clean and artfully decorated. Right now everything is just piled. There are piles of piles. I need to do that magic job of sifting through things that should probably be tossed but I am keeping for "just in case". I'm only in my thirties and already I have crazy pack-rat tendencies. Yikes! What am I talking about? I was born with pack-rat tendencies. I'm in for the long haul. Okay, thinking to myself. Fabric, books, kitchen table, computer desk & ironing board. That's a good start. Then I will artfully fix all the prettiness that should be so that I won't feel all bedraggled when I make my cookie list. December is just a few days away and I need to make some cookies!

Oh drats, laundry! I need to get the laundry and then I'm gonna bake something with pumpkin in it and then I will do something with all the fabric. I will. Yes, I will.

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Morning

Oh if you could see me now! Wardrobe remix I am certainly doing but I'm not sure I am in an outfit suitable for public view. If it were a little lighter outside or maybe if I didn't detest flash so much, I would snap a picture. I'm actually in pajamas of a sort and it is cold this morning in the tiny casa. Our casa was built in 1918 and is insulated like an origami box. So now I sit here enjoying my morning oatmeal with tangerines, honey and pecans while wrapped up in too many layers and colors that clash. Really clash, not artfully clash. On my head I have a most fabulous made for me rusty orange knit cap with fabulously fun navy blue poms dangling over the top. A hand knit for me scarf in shades of red, bergundy and pink is doubly wrapped around my neck and a black long sleeve sweater is covering the charcoal gray trapeze dress/shirt that I have been sleeping in. On my nether region is a pair of taupe yoga pants with a hole above the left knee and to top it all off I am wearing coloriffic gifted lavender and turquoise socks with frogs hopping all over them. Am I stylish or what? I am warm so I guess that's a go.

I did manage to hit the fabric store yesterday along with a delicious tea shop where I spent too much money on all sorts of yummy smelling goodness. I need to go back to the fabric store to pick up more linen as the store I hit didn't have any. I am also going to pick up a specific children's book. scrumdilly-do needs some new fun and I had a great idea around three in the morning. Must. Follow. Through. Other than that I am not doing any BIG TIME holiday shopping but I am doing enough where I don't feel I can take the Handmade Pledge. I will be making oodles of gifts but I will also be picking up a few small stocking stuffers and such. I have purchased a bit from etsy so I don't feel bad or guilty. If you took the pledge but are feeling the itch, hop on over to Keri Smith's blog for a list of 10 things to do instead of shop. She's one nifty lady and I will be doing a good part of this list myself!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Week in Review: November 19-25

The Week in Review

Mostly we ate. A lot. And I cooked. A lot. Then we hiked, just a little and squeezed in a bike ride. It was a swell week with one day of my cold reappearing. Thank goodness for the tangerine trees and for naps. I love naps. We had Thanksgiving lunch with granny and she was in super spirits. She looks good, healthy and laughed oodles. I wish I was magically wealthy so we could all live together. The lady is a hoot and I love her.

I have oh, so, slowly updated the shop. There are wee buggie sachets, bright ideas and pop memory games available. I am doing a post office run tomorrow so if anyone gets their order in today it will be mailed tomorrow. I promise!

I'm off to visit the mama craze and her two boys and then it's off to the valley for a visit with the leetz and of course a wee pinch o fabric shopping. there's always room for fabric shopping. Happy almost December folks!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Not to be all mushy or anything but I'm thankful for oh so many things. One of the things I am grateful for is this blog and for you. It's a great form of working through the muck in my brain and I adore reading so many of your blogs out there. I'm also grateful for tangerines freshly plucked from the tree, my nose when it works and I can quickly sniff the waxy smell of crayons or an orange blossom or rosemary out in the garden. I'm grateful for the husbandman who smells like green tea, polkas with me on demand, and makes me laugh myself silly and I'm extra grateful his family hasn't kicked me to the curb...yet. I'm grateful for friends, for family and for strangers who shyly introduce themselves to me. I'm grateful for craftiness and fabric and knowing that I am not in fact going loopy, I'm just like a lot of you out there. So cheers my friends, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you stuff yourself goofy on homemade pie and mashed potatoes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pop Memory!

The fab matching game is now available in my shop! This was a popular Felt Club item and I have seven left just waiting for you! Though it is meant for kidlets, I'm sure you will find it hard to resist yourself. I had a blast making these except of course for all the wonkiness we had to go through. I do not know if I will attempt this again as it took soooo much time and I don't think anyone would wanna pay $35 for it, ya know? Anywhoo, take a looksie and keep an eye out for new gnomie gnomes, go-go gloves and more!

Happy shopping Folks!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Week in Review: November 12-18

You can also call this one the Felt Club edition!

There was crafting and sewing and sickiness and school. In between bouts of laundry, cleaning, gardening and visiting, I crafted up a technicolor storm! There were go-go gloves and gnomie gnomes and light bulb pillows galore! There were spazimals, spazimals, spazimals and a whopping twenty-five bags of lavender shortbread cookies!

I got to visit with old friends and new and even heard a few shout outs from longtime admirers. Thank you to everyone for all your sweet, kind and nifty words. Your smiles were the best and it was so, so, so nifty to meet so many flickr and blog reading peeps! We may have had better sales but this was the best time I ever had! Don't be a stranger, drop me a line anytime. You are all too cool for school!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're ready!

getting ready for felt club: lavender scented
Well now...we're heading out in just a couple of hours and I can't wait to see. buy and sell all sorts of goodness! I hope, hope, hope you can come down for a hello! We have spazimals, sachets, gnomie gnomes. cozie cozies, light district pillows, wonky scarves, pop memory games for wee ones and cards and comics and smiles galore! Happy Sunday folks!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Photobooth Friday: family time

photobooth friday: kids again
Click on the pic to read more about the adventure. I was thinking about how Thanksgiving is coming up and how our small family is so spread out it is difficult to coordinate all the holidays, ya know? My sister lives out of state and I wish she could come for one of the holidays and the mister's other sister lives three hours away and has another wacky family to deal with so we do what we can. We're having an impromptu-not-really-kinda-sorta Thanksgiving dinner this weekend which will probably be soup and salad or something. Okay, it isn't really a holiday to-do but we do get to see the boy a-go-go and his mom which will be nice. I need to make sure I pack up whatever I need to finish for Felt Club so that I don't completely freak out and fall apart! I have school all day tomorrow so this is going to be an interesting weekend. I'm still on the mend so much tea and pond nutrients will be absorbed! All I have left to do is the fabric bags for the games, game pieces to be cut, game baskets to be altered and some scarves to be whipped up...that's all...and of course everything needs to be organized...eeps!

More booth-o-rama can be found here and here!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of pond potions and go-go gloves...

I'm drinking a smoothie that tastes like pond. Our landlord gave us a giant tub o' some sort of super food and it looks alot like fish food but after looking at the ingredients we decided we were game. Other than all sorts of grass and algae it has citrus peel, rosehips, vitamins and so much more. I wonder if I drink a vat of it will I end up sounding like Lucy and the vitameatavegamin.

Did I ever tell ya how Lucy totally shaped my sense of fashion? When I was five years old, a tv repairman came to fix our television. I thought he was taking it away and was quite alarmed. When my mother explained that he was going to fix it so that it would be in color because our color tubes were out or something like that, the first thing I said was "Yay! Now I can see what color Lucy's dresses are!" Then I learned all about b&w versus color. Drats!

More gnominess today along with go-go gloving. I didn't get any gloves sewn, I just managed to cut out all the felt. Why did that take so long? I'm on the mend from the ick I think. I still feel like sleeping all the time but my throat isn't so sore and my body doesn't ache as much and the fever is gone. Party time! I hope folks like the chocolate scented gnomes...and I need to get over my fear of sewing tulle. I need a bunch of tulle bags for something and I hate sewing tulle! Maybe I will break down and just make up some fabric bags instead.

Back to my pond smoothie. Happy Thursday folks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gaggles of Gnomes & a Stinkified Casa least it's stinky if ya don't like lavender! Wowza! Who knew such a small tub o the stuff could make the tiny casa so pungent? I thought I'd cut the flowery stuff and add some cocoa husks but the purple stuff just overwhelms. What do ya think? Do ya think you'd want a chocolate scented gnome?

I'm still sick with this weird viral ick. I found out that I'm not alone as the caffeine fiend has the ick also. Oh bother! It's been tea, tea, tea and tangerines and mashed potatoes all day. I'm gonna make a batch of chicken soup with rice and cross my fingers I'm all better by the time the weekend rolls around. I have class all day Saturday and Felt Club on Sunday. BUSY! This past weekend I whipped up more than twenty cozie cozies. Phew! Today is lavender and chocolate (not together) scented sachets and gnomes and tomorrow will probably be more gnominess along with some go-go gloving felt lurve. I still have some scarves to finish and of course there's one more bit of craftiness up my sleeves...for now, I think I'll take another nap. G'night.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Week in Review: Novembr 5-11

The Week in Review: November 5-11

It's been a crazy crafting kind of week. My hands got so dry they cracked from using scissors, ouch! I cut, I stitched, I planned, I stuffed. I now have a flu or something so today I will huddle on the couch, eat oodles of tangerines and watch me some Gilmore Girls. No crafting while stuffy, today I nap, nap, nap the day away. Hopefully it is just a cold but I feel like one does after having the flu, you know, all tired and weak like you can't fully take a step or you will fall down. My appetite is okay. I've been hitting the carbs as I am wont to do when feeling ill. I seem to adore crusty bread and mashed potatoes when I feel ick so that is what I am enjoying, along with buckets of juice, tea and tangerines from the tree thrown in. I still have scarves to make for Felt Club and the mister needs to whip up some more spazimals but I think we're good, just dandy even and tomorrow I will pepper the neighborhood with Felt Club postcards and such. Hey, Ms. Stacey, if you read this, do you want some cards and/or maybe a poster for Ander's School?

There are so many people I need to call back but when I am in the crafting zone I can't stop or I lose my momentum, ya know? Eeeps! If you see anything you like, lemme know. I will update the shop the day after Felt Club but if you see something in my flickr or here on the blog and you NEED it, shoot me an email and I'll set it aside for ya. Must go drink more tea and ingest some airborn. Sigh. Ya gotta love November.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Photobooth Friday: nnnnnnnnnmmmmmm

photobooth friday: we're doing that tongue thing Taken at Grill whilst we were road travelin' vacationers. Mr. A-go-go is very fond of using his tongue as a prop. I think we can easily find a common them in some of our photobooth pics. This was taken before the strip that got eaten and I think the colors came out pretty nicely. they never scan in too well but it's a booth, what do ya expect?

Well folks, it's early and it's chilly and I have a lot of crafting to do, so hop on over to the Photobooth Friday pool to check out some more strips. I'm off to piuck up some polkadot ribbon, washers & flannel.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Only two swaps left...

...for The Coloriffic Swaporama and then it ends while it is still wonderful! I had no idea Coloriffic would become as huge as it did. There are over 1000 members and the monthly swap numbers would often reach over 100 players. It was a lot of work and I loved every minute of it but now it is time for it to end. I have received dozens of emails pleading to keep the group active and I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who made it so successful. I had an excellent team of moderators and admins and it wouldn't have run as smoothly without all of you. The Coloriffic Swaporama pushed me to be more creative in many ways. It taught me to think outside the box when working with a color themes that wasn't "me", it taught me to take care and pride in the presentation, to take beautiful photos and to make everyday simply as pretty as I could. I hope those of you who swapped with the group found it as a jumping point for your creativity as well.

There are two swaps left. January & February. It was going to end with January but the greedy little child in me wanted a bang up last swap for my birthday month. I need to move on to other things like school, writing and work. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm still a swapping fiend. I just won't have the time and energy to admin such a large group anymore. Really, it was a full time job!

And now it's back to some frenzied crafting. Felt Club is coming soon and I have oodles and oodles of gnomes, pillows and cozies to make!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We like wandering...

cabazon: walking the earth We left for Bisbee, Arizona a day before we were to stay at The Shady Dell. Luckily, the three of us are pretty good and wandering. We had no specific plan other than I wanted to take lots and lots of pictures, get a coffee once in awhile and hang out with the dinosaurs at Cabazon. We left around 8am and headed out, first stop Cabazon and some hamming it up and playing with the color accent feature on the camera.cabazon: swampycabazon: a-go-gos pose The light was fabulous and the sky was a perfect backdrop for these concrete prehistoric beasts. We hit the outer edge of the crazy outlet mall for a starbucks run and bathroom break and got sidetrack with a bit of bee watching as their rosemary was in bloom. Yes, we like to watch bees. We're a slow and pokey kind of folk. After a couple of hours driving, we hit up a rest stop for much needed stretches and such and I took this shot of lovely-to look-at-but-not-so-great-for-the-atmosphere contrails.random rest stop After lunching at Denny's (aren't we American) and driving for many hours more we finally pulled into the strip mall parking lot for some tiki treats at the Kon Tiki in Tuscon, Arizona.

I figured I better recap our trip a wee bit now before I forget and it is too late. Anyone up for a slideshow? Anywhoo...I'm gonna bike on over to the camera place to pick up the holga rolls but first I may to a bit of much needed Felt Club crafting. Or maybe I'll take a power nap. I've already baked two poundcakes and did two loads of laundry...oh drats, I need to go to the post office also. Eps, gotta skeedaddle!

Monday, November 05, 2007

We Did It!

bowlful of gnomiesprocessing ordersThank you to everyone for all your support with my Lupus Benefit! I just donated $250 and I could not have done it without you! Donating for a cause is such a good and important thing to do. Even a dollar a day for one month can make difference! Can you imagine if you got everyone at your office to donate $1 tomorrow for a cause? One single dollar can go a long way when pooled together with other folks. If you are interested in helping another crafter donate for a cause, check out Jennifer at The Felt Mouse, who will be working her crafty magic for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. There's never too little and it's never too late. Help make a difference today!

The Week in Review: Vacation

Wowee! In a nutshell, we....

*romped with giant stone dinosaurs
*got serenaded by a Hawaiian man named Ernie
*shacked up with a very nice Indian family
*ate giant pancakes at Grill (and hopped into a photobooth)
*pondered the graves of strangers
*avoided a shootout at the Okay Corral
*walked amongst giant Saguaros
*slept in a golden, ionized cigar shaped trailer
*ate hot dogs at a tiny diner that came from my old stomping grounds
*wandered the wonky streets of a tiny mining town
*spent two hours in the company of hundreds of migrating Sandhill Cranes
*viewed an unrequited love story that involved a gilled fishman on a vintage tv
*had breakfast in a grand hotel, a hop, skip & a jump from Mexico
*inspected decaying trailers and debris at the site of an engineering accident
*took more than 400 photos
*had a most fabulous, fabulous time!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Vacation

Thank goodness for! We took a road trip to Arizona this week and I was so hoping we could find a booth on the road and we did! Yay! We had pretty good diner eats from Grill and then hopped on into the booth to growl a little bit. What a shock when our picture came out of the booth and it was a raven haired duo making out big time! Yowza! It was quite confusing. I even wondered if someone got into the booth just before us or something but it was 7am and we were the only ones there...then I noticed that our strip was stuck to the back and got all monstered up. At least it makes for good memories!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Trick or Treat

photobooth friday: pee-wee lurveThis strip was taken two years ago on Halloween or maybe it was the day after Halloween, I can't remember. I still have the wig sitting up on a shelf collecting the most amazing metropolis of cobwebs you can imagine. I need to take it down and give it a wash and a haircut. We have no costume plans this year. We'll be on the road but we will travel with the photobooth suitcase just in case we need something in a jiffy. I did try however to get the mister and his sister to dress up as Jack and Chrissy...sigh...if only we had an extra for Mr. Furley, it would be perfect! We're hitting the road soon, soon, soon and I can't wait! Have a splendiferous Halloween my firends and as always booth it up!

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Any arizona peeps?

shady dell, originally uploaded by sunshine indoors.

The A-Go-Gos are going on a road trip. Our destination is The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. I have been itchin' to visit since 2000 or so and was wonderin' if anyone is going to be on or near our route. I can't be certain we will be able to stop and visit but I sure would like to try! Is it wrong to be bring more than three cameras?

I have the digital, the Holga, the Polaroid and probably either the Super Sampler or the quad cam. Or maybe just the first three. That's a lot of pic-shaws! I need to get me some more 120 for the Holga. I can't wait! any hints, tips or advice for places to visit along the way? We're loosey goosey travelers and plan on meandering and exploring. The sister A-Go-Go is coming also! Whoo-hoo. We're gonna have a blast!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I made more gnomes!

and am sooo hoping they will all be adopted! Check out my etsy shop here. Thank you to everyone for all their support! There will be more gnomie gnomes available in other colors at this year's Felt Club Holiday XL so if you're holding out for other colors no worries there will be more or you can message me for a custom order! I'm cool like that.

The fires are still going in full force. I had hoped to get to exercising on a regular basis this week but the air quality is so very bad, even in the tiny casa I am having trouble breathing. My thoughts and heart go out to all the displaced persons here in California. It is a scary, scary thing this fire season here. When I was young, the fires were always a little off my radar or very exciting but now, now I know the damage that can happen and the aftermath when the rains come and how it takes seasons and seasons for the earth to heal.

I hope that everyone who lives in any type of area that is prone to scary elements has an emergency plan. You and your family members should know what objects are most important to rescue and you should have an out of state contact to call to let them know you are safe and where you are so that they can relay the message to your family. You should have an overnight bag packed with clothes, shoes and prescriptions in your car at all times and it would be a good idea to start stashing away cash for emergencies. Don't forget the important documents and if you store all your work on the computer make sure you back it up. Keep favorite photos in an internet account like flickr, or burn to a cd. Transfer important documents to a flash drive on a regular basis just to be safe. And, as always, make sure you have water. I know bottled water isn't the trend when we are all trying to be environmentally sound but if a disaster such as a tornado or earthquake hits, chances are there won't be available drinking water on hand. We make sure to have at least 5 gallons of water in the casa and another 2 liters in the car. Most importantly play it safe and keep cool. People do stupid things when they panic. People are people folks and we need to help each other whenever we can. Stay safe.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Week in Review: October 15-21

the week in review: october 15-21

A busy-visiting-running-around kind of week. Book shopping with the Witch-lady, cleaning up the book castle with Leets, making gnomie gnomes, baking cupcakes, working on scrumdilly-do projects, paper writing, getting my haircut and visiting with SoMany, seeing the Birdie baby and finally going for a bike ride, phew! Oh and we ate at home all week, visited with granny, and worked on Felt Club projects aaaand, I cleaned off the kitchen table! Go me!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spooky tunes, anyone?

The countdown to Halloween has begun and in honor of the count, I have three mix cds up for grabs! It's Halloween Hullabaloo 2007! The first three people to send me their addie's gets one, hurry! Oh come on, you know you wanna hear some Screamin' Jay Hawkin's...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



Yesterday, I sprained my foot. I have no idea how I did it but it was done and now I'm a limpy girl. My right ankle is all puffified and methinks I will park myself on the sofa and work on gnomie gnomes. How are y'all doin' with the Halloween countdown? Here's a little spookified eye candy.
pumpkin partay:  glittery pumpkins

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Week in Review: October 8-14

the week in review: october 8-14

We also slept oodles and bunches and recovered from the sick and went back to as normal a life as we lead. I headed over to the Leet's tiny casa to help clean it and ready it for her recovery time and I delivered a dollop of caffeine to Stace for her birthday as she was cooped up in packing box hell. There was paper writing, school visiting, and a mess of other things with only a pinch of time thrown in for baking so I made apple tartlets. Soooo good! All but 4 gnomie gnomes have sold so I need to make more and as always there will be papers to write and rewrite. Coming up, there is our trip we are going on...more like a stumble, we'll only be gone for four days, but if anyone knows of anything fun and nifty on the way to Bisbee, Arizona from Los Angeles, give me a shout out, will ya? Thanks! Wishing you al a most hep, happy October!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Balloons and Birthday Wishes

photobooth friday: for the love of balloons

Oh how I love a balloon. At least I love taking pictures of and with them. They are so festive and smile inducing how could you not love them? I know, they ain't so hot for our little blue world but still...I adore them. Here's a birthday shout out to the Caffeine Fiend. Hippo Birdies to you and all that jazz and thank you for being my friend!

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