Monday, December 04, 2006

the week in review: november 27-december 4

boy howdy have we been busy felt clubbin' it or what? i even strained my thumb cutting felt. it was a busy week of school chaos and evilness and felt club crafting. i like to work in a manic fluster of activity but artboy prefers to have it all planned out so this weekend wasn't without it's stresses.

we stitched and sewed and cut and frosted. we visited with granny and picked up a zillion boxes of animal crackers for my portland PSA presentation. for my geology class we have to do a public service announcement for a city and its (it's?) natural hazards and we chose portland, oregon and earthquakes. if that cascadian zone shifts, you folks are in for some trouble! and me being me, i didn't gel with the idea of a brochure...we're giving out cookies with the info you will my head it looks quite spiffy but who knows if i can pull it off?

this week we have more stitching and such and i have finals next week so yeah, it is crazy and of course i decided to host ms. heidi from my paper crane and company for breakfast until they could check into their hotel room. i am so excited to meet such fabulously crafty ladies. SO EX CITE ED!

if you are in or near the los angeles area do not miss out on FELT CLUB XL! come check us out!

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