Saturday, December 02, 2006

swaporama rama

january's swaporama is up and the color theme is red & white! i am very excited about this theme, too many ideas. having all these ideas isn't really helpful as it is officially crunch time for FCXL...what was i thinking to wait so long to make anything? plus finals are coming up...yikes! i have decided to do one more semester before transfering to Pacific Oaks. there are some english classes i want to take. children's lit and creative non-fiction for starters. if i am going to be spending the bulk of my pacific oaks time writing, i better brush up on it!

ooh, good news for me at least, i have come up with the second part of one of my children's has taken me years for this story to develop as i can't just sit and write, i think about it and i recite what i have over and over and over again until the next part pops into my head and sometimes a brand spanking new character will speak to is quite frazzling but i really want to fous on this more. focus being the key word.

time to hit the post office to send in a zillion packages! i hope it is still open today...happy saturday!

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