Friday, December 22, 2006

the saga of granny continues

So, they put in a pick line to help get those antibiotics through her hoping the wound on her foot will heal soon. If not for the foot and the clogged artery ick she would be pretty good. Actually she isnt't doing too bad for her almost 94-dom...I warned against polka dancing for now. She nodded as she chow downed on her candy bar. I think she thinks I'm crazy.

Yesterday I hit the local cemetery to see if I could find Evy, grannie's "no good" ex-husband and his sister "I am a follower of Sister Aimee" Mabel, my great aunt. Sadly, I was to discover that they have no name markers but single digit numbers. Evy is number 1, while Mabel is number 4...I wandered all over the Acacia Gardens but could not find them. Sigh. I also checked to see if my brother was there but there was no listing. My father" could not even remember where he was buried. Good going, dad. I did wander all over the place and managed to take pics of xmas trees and holiday decorations that people put out. I find it all very interesting. It kind of makes sense to me, I mean I understand where they are coming from I guess but for me it doesn't make sense. Interesting indeed.

Other than all the ho-hummines of this week and all that weepiness I don't want to revisit, I did manage to finish a large batch of go-go gloves which should be up in the etsy shop soon...whatdoya think? Should I become a hand model?

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  1. Yes you should be a hand model plus a smile model!!
    I hope you have a Merry and bright Christmas deary!! Don't let things get you too down. There is a Silver lining to that yucky cloud!!
    Hugs to you and yours!