Thursday, December 28, 2006

it's thursday and i am confused

and all out of whack...that is the thing about the holidays. you don't know what day it is and your momentum gets all wonky. having a cold doesn't help either. i have lost my orgnaization about what to post and when and now i'm thinking i'll just write something, anything...but how about a picture first...wonky me...the funny thing i don't really like the way i look. not really. i like taking photos and finding that one out of a zillion where i feel i am presentable. presentable? yes. wonky? yes. silly? yes. dashing?, but that's okay, i'm fine with the wonkybot me and get quite a kick out of how i do resemble a Who as an old friend once exclaimed. anyway, i am in need of new glasses. my prescription is acutally pretty good it is my right lens. it is all scritchy scratchy and it drives me nuts but i fear i won't be able to find jek glasses. these vintage puppies are hard to get and i don't think the current pair will make it through the process, but i will try. the husbandman & i will take a jaunt over to Old Focals in Pasadena and see what we can find...but we will wait until next year to do that.
today is some cleaning, thinking and granny visiting...i hope to be brain has too much going on and i need to unwind, let it out, organize it all or else i am going to 'splode!


  1. Love your portrait!
    Give granny a hug for me.

  2. I get my glasses at Fabulous Fanny's in New York. They sell frames and your eye doc makes the lenses. Drool worthy selection here:

  3. hey jess!
    I love your picture of yourself!! You are just to cute and sweet looking!! I hope you can find new glasses that are just as cute as the ones you have now!! Those glasses are you girlfriend!! I hope Grandma is doing well and gets out soon!! Happy new yew my sweet friend!!

  4. thanks drewz, i will...;)

    aack! i adore vintage frames! how cool!

    thanks dawn, granny is doing okay. she's kind of tired and partly ready "to go" as she puts it but we do our best to keep her smiling.