Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i'm freezing

i know i live in the land of sunshine but when yer wee casa was built almost one hundred years ago it lacks insulation and my fingers are frosty! i'm bedecked in pink & orange stripey socks, pink knitted booties, cropped blue yoga pants, a purple striped long sleeve t, black zipper sweater and lime green scarf...and i'm STILL cold! stylish maybe, cold...yes!!!

no new granny news but i will be visiting her later today. tonight is the husbandman's office partay and it has been requested we dress up and i'm thinking i'm too cold to dress up but perhaps i will pull on some green on green stipey socks and see what happens...i have a few hours before i need to think about it.

pictured up top there is a shot of my scented dashboard dollies. i'm quite smitten with the pears even though no one else seems to be except for jessee at art school dropout, she picked one up from me at FCXL. other than that, the pears just don't seem to swing it, then again, neither do any of the other fruits. sigh. guess what you'll be getting for the holidays next year...;)

happy wednesday folks!

1 comment:

  1. Jek, I'm loving your citrus fruits, but they're just not lobsters!