Thursday, December 14, 2006

FCXL: the aftermath...;)

hi folks! finals are finally over, granny is doing okay and FCXL has happened! it has been a crazy last few days and i am so so so tired. loopy even! i want to write up a perfectly perfect account of all the FCXL festivities and how i met some cool, nifty, super adorable crafty ladies and scored some amazing craftiness at the event but the loopiness and granny stress has taken a big bite out of my drive...ya know? i will share bits and pieces as i work on pulling my life back into focus. i will. i better...there is much to do for festivities here...faux trees to decorate, granny to visit, cookies to bake, stockings to stuff and wee gifties to wrap...yikes! not much time, i had better shake my gifted arse.

but for now...
FCXL was incredibly fabulous. many thanks to sewdarncute for her effortles energy and problem solving skills. you kick major bootie lady! more shout outs and thanks to ms. jessee of art school dropout for the amazing necklace! I LURVE IT...oh and to ms. joleenie for the handmade birdie and super sweet note! high fives and excited squeals to the illustrious mypapercrane who is even niftier, spunkier and sweeter in person. i thank you for putting up with my excessive chatter as i dragged you, the katie lady and jessee all over l.a.! (say hullo to katie for me, i loved meeting all of you and hope you come back for some swap meet shopping and photoboothing!)...boogie dancing and hula hooping yays for the goofy pleasure of meeting ms. marie from the sampler and disco dancing joy for the nifty conversations with jen of beebalou. and of course lots of fits and giggles to all the rest...i had a blast hanging out with everyone and wished i could have done more shopping! i scored some amzing gifties for my january swap-o-rama person!

stay tuned tomorrow when i recount my most fabulous fall in front of oodles of people...i even made up a broadway inspired tune bout it. too bad i can't carry one...;)

happy december everyone!

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