Sunday, December 24, 2006

heppy holidays!

I got a wee bit of wrapping done even though I kinda lost my holiday cheer what with all the granny troubles. Today we visit with gma, bring her her stocking and sees candy and then we're off to the family stocking exchange...before all that, I will attempt to bake one more batch o' lavender shortbread, clean the casa, and pick out a most scrumdillydilly of a holiday outfit...wish me luck and a happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Jek!
    Hope granny likes her pressies.
    Hmmm, lavender to share the recipe?
    :) steph

  2. Hello Jek! Hope you had a nice X-mas!
    Thanks for the link. I am taking a break these days...slowed down of blogging a bit.
    I can't wait to be in for february CSoRama!!!

  3. Hi, I got here from your flickr link. Love your pics. I hope your granny gets well. Will add you to my link to keep up with your projects :-)

  4. thank you all! i hope yer 2006 was a sweet year...may 2007 be better!