Sunday, December 31, 2006

the year in review

It has been quite a year full of creativity, new friends, old friends, family & loss. I wish everyone a tremendous 2007 and may you always be surrounded by joy, laughter and those lil bits of fabric scraps that seem to multiply when your back is turned.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

it's thursday and i am confused

and all out of whack...that is the thing about the holidays. you don't know what day it is and your momentum gets all wonky. having a cold doesn't help either. i have lost my orgnaization about what to post and when and now i'm thinking i'll just write something, anything...but how about a picture first...wonky me...the funny thing i don't really like the way i look. not really. i like taking photos and finding that one out of a zillion where i feel i am presentable. presentable? yes. wonky? yes. silly? yes. dashing?, but that's okay, i'm fine with the wonkybot me and get quite a kick out of how i do resemble a Who as an old friend once exclaimed. anyway, i am in need of new glasses. my prescription is acutally pretty good it is my right lens. it is all scritchy scratchy and it drives me nuts but i fear i won't be able to find jek glasses. these vintage puppies are hard to get and i don't think the current pair will make it through the process, but i will try. the husbandman & i will take a jaunt over to Old Focals in Pasadena and see what we can find...but we will wait until next year to do that.
today is some cleaning, thinking and granny visiting...i hope to be brain has too much going on and i need to unwind, let it out, organize it all or else i am going to 'splode!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

time for some candy making

I made chocolate covered macadamia nuts with graham cracker pieces...

Our santa day was well spent but I now have a cold. Pooh. Granny is doing okay and the cards are coming in. Many thank yous to all of you! *smoooooooch*

Sunday, December 24, 2006

heppy holidays!

I got a wee bit of wrapping done even though I kinda lost my holiday cheer what with all the granny troubles. Today we visit with gma, bring her her stocking and sees candy and then we're off to the family stocking exchange...before all that, I will attempt to bake one more batch o' lavender shortbread, clean the casa, and pick out a most scrumdillydilly of a holiday outfit...wish me luck and a happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

the saga of granny continues

So, they put in a pick line to help get those antibiotics through her hoping the wound on her foot will heal soon. If not for the foot and the clogged artery ick she would be pretty good. Actually she isnt't doing too bad for her almost 94-dom...I warned against polka dancing for now. She nodded as she chow downed on her candy bar. I think she thinks I'm crazy.

Yesterday I hit the local cemetery to see if I could find Evy, grannie's "no good" ex-husband and his sister "I am a follower of Sister Aimee" Mabel, my great aunt. Sadly, I was to discover that they have no name markers but single digit numbers. Evy is number 1, while Mabel is number 4...I wandered all over the Acacia Gardens but could not find them. Sigh. I also checked to see if my brother was there but there was no listing. My father" could not even remember where he was buried. Good going, dad. I did wander all over the place and managed to take pics of xmas trees and holiday decorations that people put out. I find it all very interesting. It kind of makes sense to me, I mean I understand where they are coming from I guess but for me it doesn't make sense. Interesting indeed.

Other than all the ho-hummines of this week and all that weepiness I don't want to revisit, I did manage to finish a large batch of go-go gloves which should be up in the etsy shop soon...whatdoya think? Should I become a hand model?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

granny lurve?

okay, i'm shamelessly using the scrumdillies to solicit granny lurve. it looks like she will be in the hopsital for xmas but i hope she will be out for her birthday which is New Years Day! she will be 94! if anyone out ther happens across this and would like to rak her with some birthday or holiday cheer and/or receive a nifty holiday card from the go-go's, please email me yer addy and i will do the same...many thanks!

jek in the box AT g m a i l

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i'm freezing

i know i live in the land of sunshine but when yer wee casa was built almost one hundred years ago it lacks insulation and my fingers are frosty! i'm bedecked in pink & orange stripey socks, pink knitted booties, cropped blue yoga pants, a purple striped long sleeve t, black zipper sweater and lime green scarf...and i'm STILL cold! stylish maybe, cold...yes!!!

no new granny news but i will be visiting her later today. tonight is the husbandman's office partay and it has been requested we dress up and i'm thinking i'm too cold to dress up but perhaps i will pull on some green on green stipey socks and see what happens...i have a few hours before i need to think about it.

pictured up top there is a shot of my scented dashboard dollies. i'm quite smitten with the pears even though no one else seems to be except for jessee at art school dropout, she picked one up from me at FCXL. other than that, the pears just don't seem to swing it, then again, neither do any of the other fruits. sigh. guess what you'll be getting for the holidays next year...;)

happy wednesday folks!

Monday, December 18, 2006

oh joy

so, i'm at the girlie doc this morning when she decides to remove a polyp from within my person! right there! yikes! how fun for yeah, i'm here at home trying to spiff up casa de la lobster-girl. it is not an easy job this year. granny is still in the hospital and now she's acting quite a bi loopy. accusing me of leaving her at the hospital and of them keeping her prisoner. sigh. i am so tired and cannot even muster up the energy to make rice crispie treats.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

shop update

new goodies in the shop including new dashboard dollies, quilty scarves, fakey cake ornaments and spunky onesies! hurry and shop so i can send it all out this monday!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

granny update

well...she WAS doing better but now she isn't. granny was admitted to the emergency room this morning and after too many hours and an almost release she was admitted for observation. when they say there is nothing wrong except for a respiratory infection i think whatdya mean? nothing wrong? her arteries are totally clogged in her legs. she has an ulcerated wound that won't heal, she can't breathe or control her bowels/bladder and last week she was bleeding for no reason...nothing wrong? excuse me?

i have no idea what i am doing here and i feel like a big fat failure for doing right by my granny. my mamos passed away 7 years ago this last monday and i didn't do enough for her at all and well...i'm a lil bit sad, stressed, confused & worried. granny has told me twice this week that she wants to die. how does one deal with that? i talked to her about death and have asked her many questions about what she believes, wants & feels. she told me she hopes she can go in her sleep and that with any luck she can haunt the other grandkids who don't do a darn...that made me smile...when i explained that maybe she would have to move to a nursing home she said we should just move her to Forest Lawn...i told her that if that were the case she wouldn't be in the cemetery but in my "dia de los muertos" cabinet with my least that made her chuckle and yes, it may seem dark, twisted and gloomy but my mother's ashes are in a wooden cabinet that my brother had built many years ago for Day of the Dead. it is in the living room.

sometimes, this whole grown-up world...simply sucks...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

FCXL: the aftermath...;)

hi folks! finals are finally over, granny is doing okay and FCXL has happened! it has been a crazy last few days and i am so so so tired. loopy even! i want to write up a perfectly perfect account of all the FCXL festivities and how i met some cool, nifty, super adorable crafty ladies and scored some amazing craftiness at the event but the loopiness and granny stress has taken a big bite out of my drive...ya know? i will share bits and pieces as i work on pulling my life back into focus. i will. i better...there is much to do for festivities here...faux trees to decorate, granny to visit, cookies to bake, stockings to stuff and wee gifties to wrap...yikes! not much time, i had better shake my gifted arse.

but for now...
FCXL was incredibly fabulous. many thanks to sewdarncute for her effortles energy and problem solving skills. you kick major bootie lady! more shout outs and thanks to ms. jessee of art school dropout for the amazing necklace! I LURVE IT...oh and to ms. joleenie for the handmade birdie and super sweet note! high fives and excited squeals to the illustrious mypapercrane who is even niftier, spunkier and sweeter in person. i thank you for putting up with my excessive chatter as i dragged you, the katie lady and jessee all over l.a.! (say hullo to katie for me, i loved meeting all of you and hope you come back for some swap meet shopping and photoboothing!)...boogie dancing and hula hooping yays for the goofy pleasure of meeting ms. marie from the sampler and disco dancing joy for the nifty conversations with jen of beebalou. and of course lots of fits and giggles to all the rest...i had a blast hanging out with everyone and wished i could have done more shopping! i scored some amzing gifties for my january swap-o-rama person!

stay tuned tomorrow when i recount my most fabulous fall in front of oodles of people...i even made up a broadway inspired tune bout it. too bad i can't carry one...;)

happy december everyone!

Friday, December 08, 2006

FCXL: sneak peek

wrapping up the crafting here. feeling stressed with finishing touches and granny business. she's oky but we're still on edge. everytime the phone rings i tense up. ick. if yer in or near the los angeles area come check out Felt Club XL...

Monday, December 04, 2006

the week in review: november 27-december 4

boy howdy have we been busy felt clubbin' it or what? i even strained my thumb cutting felt. it was a busy week of school chaos and evilness and felt club crafting. i like to work in a manic fluster of activity but artboy prefers to have it all planned out so this weekend wasn't without it's stresses.

we stitched and sewed and cut and frosted. we visited with granny and picked up a zillion boxes of animal crackers for my portland PSA presentation. for my geology class we have to do a public service announcement for a city and its (it's?) natural hazards and we chose portland, oregon and earthquakes. if that cascadian zone shifts, you folks are in for some trouble! and me being me, i didn't gel with the idea of a brochure...we're giving out cookies with the info you will my head it looks quite spiffy but who knows if i can pull it off?

this week we have more stitching and such and i have finals next week so yeah, it is crazy and of course i decided to host ms. heidi from my paper crane and company for breakfast until they could check into their hotel room. i am so excited to meet such fabulously crafty ladies. SO EX CITE ED!

if you are in or near the los angeles area do not miss out on FELT CLUB XL! come check us out!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

swaporama rama

january's swaporama is up and the color theme is red & white! i am very excited about this theme, too many ideas. having all these ideas isn't really helpful as it is officially crunch time for FCXL...what was i thinking to wait so long to make anything? plus finals are coming up...yikes! i have decided to do one more semester before transfering to Pacific Oaks. there are some english classes i want to take. children's lit and creative non-fiction for starters. if i am going to be spending the bulk of my pacific oaks time writing, i better brush up on it!

ooh, good news for me at least, i have come up with the second part of one of my children's has taken me years for this story to develop as i can't just sit and write, i think about it and i recite what i have over and over and over again until the next part pops into my head and sometimes a brand spanking new character will speak to is quite frazzling but i really want to fous on this more. focus being the key word.

time to hit the post office to send in a zillion packages! i hope it is still open today...happy saturday!

Friday, December 01, 2006

photobooth friday: bittersweet

Don't they just look dandy? My mom and dad met when she was 14 and he was 16. They married four years later. I remember my mamos telling me that my dad had to get permission from his mother to marry as he wasn't 21 years old. How funny in an odd sort of way. They were married in Pasadena, California. The chapel where they wed is just a shout from my school. It is still there. She designed her dress and all her bridesmaids' dresses and shocked the community when she picked a pregnant woman to be her matron of honor. They went to Disneyland for their honeymoon and then camping. She saved the receipt for groceries and it must have been almost a foot long while the total was under $10! They lived a fairly fairy tale life until life happened. The death of a sibling so very young, my mother's depression, my premature birth, mom's lupus diagnose and then the accidental death of a man at my father's hands all tumbled about one after the other. My father walked away taking my sister with him. I never saw him again (I was three) and work very hard at understanding my sister. So, when I look at this picture I can't help but feel sad. They are so happy here and they were happy for awhile. My dad's leaving so devastated my mother that she almost never recovered. She did, just barely, and for a few months she saw a light. A short few months. As sad as I feel, as angry as I can feel, I appreciate it, all the muck. For without any of the experiences I had as a result, I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't be jek.

Though sometimes I really wish I had been able to have had braces on my wonky teeth. Sigh.

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