Wednesday, November 29, 2006

socks, grades and college...oh my!

Sock Dreams rocks if I do say so myself. Even if some of the socks don't exactly gel with my gifted upper legs they still rock. Stripes are fun, knee socks are fun, stripey knee socks are double the fun. I highly recommend you get yourself a pair or two of sock dreams socks. I'm ordering some more today and a pair of sleeves!

My trauma over a poor grade in Cultural Anthropology is over, finally over! I met with the professor today and she realized her error and I walked away with a "B"! yippeee! The other coolest of the coolest things in jek's world today is I just found out I can transfer to Pacific Oaks in January! I thought I had 12 more units to take but I don't...I cannot belive it, I'm all anxious and giddy and weepy! Just two more years and I should have my degree! Hooray!

Well, seems like this next week is the busiest of the busiest. I have one more group presentation, 4 finals, my college application & essays to write plus Felt Club XL stuff to ahem make and all that jazz! It is a good thing that I play well with mania...if you are bored and need a giggle check out Xmas Troll by my pal cat...ridiculous? yes! But absolutely laughable! Happy almost December!

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