Wednesday, November 29, 2006

socks, grades and college...oh my!

Sock Dreams rocks if I do say so myself. Even if some of the socks don't exactly gel with my gifted upper legs they still rock. Stripes are fun, knee socks are fun, stripey knee socks are double the fun. I highly recommend you get yourself a pair or two of sock dreams socks. I'm ordering some more today and a pair of sleeves!

My trauma over a poor grade in Cultural Anthropology is over, finally over! I met with the professor today and she realized her error and I walked away with a "B"! yippeee! The other coolest of the coolest things in jek's world today is I just found out I can transfer to Pacific Oaks in January! I thought I had 12 more units to take but I don't...I cannot belive it, I'm all anxious and giddy and weepy! Just two more years and I should have my degree! Hooray!

Well, seems like this next week is the busiest of the busiest. I have one more group presentation, 4 finals, my college application & essays to write plus Felt Club XL stuff to ahem make and all that jazz! It is a good thing that I play well with mania...if you are bored and need a giggle check out Xmas Troll by my pal cat...ridiculous? yes! But absolutely laughable! Happy almost December!

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Week in Review: November 20-26

We crafted, stitched, sewed, baked and visited with family. We viewed the musical Scrooge and ate a lot of homemade sweets. We alos got to see friends from out of town and family so it was a pretty nice week. I of course put off all my schoolwork so now I have to cram cram cram for everything that is due tomorrow so now I feel all nervous. My fault but still...eeps! FCXL is coming up and if I could figure out how to post a fancy link I would but for now, if you are anywhere near Los Angeles and need to get your shopping on check us out on December 9th...seriously, You won't regret the visit!

Happy almost December!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what happened to my lazy wednesdays?

i guess i should start crackin'! lots and lots to do today..some crafting, some calling and some cleaning...yikes! we also have to take granny to the doctor today and then hit the grocery for some turkey day shopping. it is not even 9am and i am tired already!

Monday, November 20, 2006

the week in review: november 13-19

super busy and mildly stressful, at least the colors were pretty! school will be over soon and i will have a few weeks of calm...i hope. i did some major crafting this weekend and the boy & i took too many pictures of spzmls for a holiday card and card to sell. hopefully the print will look extra nifty and everyone will want to buy many. i made the yummiest chocolate chip pumpkin bars and managed to not write my essay. can you guess what i will be doing today? happy almost turkey day for you folks here in the u.s. and happy november to the rest! i gotta git busy!

Friday, November 17, 2006

photobooth friday: scavenger hunt

sometimes a am a "bad" spousal person. i am uber jealous of artboy's creativity in the booth. look at him. scavenger hunts, proposals, stocking stuffers. the guy is a dream and today he is sick and cranky with a cold. so sick and cranky that i get cranky but i can't stay cranky for long...look...just look at what this boy does for me. i need to get to a booth. i am jonesing.

Photobooth Friday

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

wonky wonky wednesday

it is crunch time folks. i have FCXL and finals all in the same week, just three weeks away and well have i made anything or studied? gulp! i did however make a nice bold "TO DO" list that i have highlighted all the DONE which makes me feel somewhat productive. today i shall study, sew and bake...all good things and then i will look at all my cookie recipes and decide on which ones i am going to give this year. i start making the dough the day after Turkey Day and then i freeze it and on one day, i bake up a storm! ooh, i need to make a shopping list and pick up more butter. yikes! crunch time indeed!

Monday, November 13, 2006

the week in review: november 6-12

oh how my week was a weepy one. school seriously kicked my arse and i had a mini breakdown because people were being nice...darn them...anywhoo, other than school stress, cold fighting and generally low self esteem, i did have some excellent lavender soda, a pleasant visit with a friend and i am now half way done with my many paged paper so take that bad week! this week, i plan to start crafting it up, FCXL is coming soon and i have much to do. wish me luck!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

lookie me, i have a wip

well sort of...i was working on a project for another secret project and had all these materials out and they looked so pretty i had to take pictures. today i really need to write my darn poli sci paper but all i really want to do is curl up on the couch, read magazines, drink cocoa and watch some flicks. it's cool outside unlike yesterday's scorcher and my house is all chillified so i have a comforter on the couch and my old old leg armers on and i fell all niftified. hope it is a productive weekend for y'all!

Friday, November 10, 2006

photobooth friday: look-a-likes

for as long as i could remember people have always told me that i look "just" like my mamos. i can see it but i think i am more like her in other ways also. we both dressed a bit different from the rest, we both have a crazy sweet tooth, we both can laugh it off when things get ultimately crappy and we both can't sing worth a darn. she's about 13 in this pic while i'm about 31 or so and yet you can still tell we're related. i'm sure if i were to ever pas my father in the street he might think he was seeing a ghost!

The Whole Self

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


oh my but i have been bitten by the moo could i not be smitten? i need to order another batch for my jek in the box tags...i voted today, did you?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


okay, is it me or my browser...where is my last post? i am so oh help oh blogger goddess...

i'm a swappy dancer

i can't help it. i have broken the bank dozens of times sending packages to folks i don't know. it is like being a fairy without the wings...though i think i would like is a small sample of what i sent for the November Coloriffic Swaporama...the colors were apple green, candy pink & fun and sweet. i made a batch of patchwork coasters. i have to learn how to minimalize what i send. i'm working on it but boy howdy, it is difficult. today is going to be a busy day. i have projects to work on, homework, granny visiting & an eye appointment. right now of course i am doing none of those things but i am working on sudoku and blogging which of course is the start of any good day. happy november foks!

Friday, November 03, 2006

photobooth friday: dia de los muertos

okay, i didn't take this picture on The Day of the Dead, but since it has just passed, i thought i would post this strip taken in 2002.

being the dorky oingo boingo fan that i am, i became a huge fan of The Day of the Dead more than 20 years ago. I trek out to Olvera Street every year for a photo day and in general i think of those i have loved and lost, primarily my mamos. i didn't make shrine/altar this year as i feel my entire wee casa is a tribute to her and what i learned. i did wear one of her necklaces and as always i think about her all the time. this time of year especially is hard for me as she was a christmas lady. she adored the beglittered snowmen & santas and always turned our house into a glitter wonderland. not much for the spiritual background of the holiday, i celebrate it for my mom. i plan my cookie baking and giftwrap theme well before october rolls around and this year, i thought i was going to be so clever with the colors i had chosen and then i was in Borders yesterday and viola! my color palatte of black, white & magenta seems to be "IN". i need to channel my thoughts and turn them into cash somehow...drats! on the bright side, i don't need to make my black christmas tree, i found one at borders!

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